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Dec 21, 2012

I am surprised I have heard nothing about the Mayan calendar or the end of the world being it is so close. You heard more about it a year or so ago. What gives?

Is the government keeping quiet about it, because we are about to get hit by a huge asteroid and they don't want any panic?

Is there going to be a nuclear war, because we allowed Iran and North Korea to go nuclear?

Did the Mayans just run out of paper (tablets)?

Big world wide earthquake coming?

Is microsoft planning to crash the world?

Is God and the rapture coming?

I go on vacation Dec 23rd, so I hope I get to go on it.
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I just wish there was a place to bet against this bullshit. Why isn't there a hardcoremayans.com website? I really need to make some money.
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I just want to see how all the evangelists who really believe are going to backpedal when it doesn't happen. Their humility alone will be reward enough.
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12/21/2012 will come & go just like 1/1/2000 did.

And all those morons who were sure the world was gonna end, will subsequently end up putting their foot in their mouths once more.
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Well nothing happened when,they said it would geez when will it be our next dooms day Erroneous
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C'mon people! Haven't you seen The X-Files! If you had, you would know what happens on that date is an massive scaled alien invasion.

We just better hope that Mulder and Scully can stop it in time!
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The best thing that could happen on this date, is a MASS consciousness shift / enlightenment. So people are less fucking stupid and not such an embarrassment to the universe. One of the most appealing theories, I think
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The reason you've heard nothing about it is because no one on these forums appear to take it very seriously--which they shouldn't. The media and certain believers like the idea of the world coming to an end, it solidifies their faith. As others have mentioned already, 12/21 will come and go just like 1/1/2000, 06/06/06, and just like that day sometime in May (the date slips my mind). But for the sake of discussion, the 'great change' the end of the Mayan calendar was referring to were peace agreements to avoid the fiscal cliff, N. Korea's final action to become a democracy, or Israel and Palestine coming together
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Oh l made a mistake and nonoe of you seen it grins
I thought the date was the 17th dec but it is the 21st oh dear maybe it is the end coming very soon
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Old 12-22-2012, 08:33 PM
we lived!!!!
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Yes we did live
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Ugh, I shouldn't have blown my entire life savings on Strippers and Cocaine.
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^ not a bad investment, I'd say

I celebrated my friend's birthday, she got black-out drunk. I caught a slight cold, then had to drive then carry her home.

The End.
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Hey that was nice you to look after and also make sure she got home you are a good bloke for doing that l hope you are lfeeling better with your cold,l am just getting over mine still got a nasty cough
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I try to be a good friend to her...and before anyone claims "friendzone," I dated her before we were friends, fools...

My cold is going away, so I'm happy for that. I did mess with her the next day, though. She insisted that she went home and slept with somebody because she woke up at home (also took her pants off as a goof lol).
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Old 12-23-2012, 08:07 PM
Well l think you are a freind to her and looking after a freind is a good thing also you dated her and it is ashame it didnt work out but atleast you still have a wonderful freindship l would prefer that than losing a good freind all together

It is good your cold is going and you will be able to enjoy christmas more

But l can shift my nasty cough so you are lucky you are getting rid od yours grins

Oh so you were a naughty boy well we have all done something at times but like l said she must be one special girl
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