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It is getting to bloody hot in Australia


i remember when Dirtyfrog was complainig about how much snow he was getting
Well Australia is starting a lovely heatwave which will be across Aus
i am not happy temps will be reaching 45C
In Most area
geez here has the cold whether gone

So while America plumments in temp we are about to fry


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wanna trade ?

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Yes the huntsman do come out during summer and come into the house to get away from the hot whether
They usually eat flys but they love to put up a fight when you try and kill them
When thing l hate is how huge they are and in country areas they are huge

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Originally Posted by Dirtyfrog View Post
wanna trade ?

Yes we have to trade Dirtyfrog
if l could l would cover myself with snow

We are also on fire alert because everything is becoming dry
So hopefully no fires come out of this
We are alos going to have very strong winds and sometimes people like to start a fire or two

hey you will see our weather chart on here


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Well now Victoris Australia is now battling fires in bushland
You see we have gusty northly winds that are hard to put out

I just hope we dont get the fires we had two years ago where quite a few people were killed
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Well it was 45C yesterday and there was bush fires everywhere but Tasmania went up in flames but it seems this morning they have it control hoping the winds slow down abit

You see tasmania is still a bushy area and to have fires starting here is not good about 80 building have been burnt down
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We now have bushfires in NSW

The forest does come back to life after a fire it is not the roots that are effected it is the top half of the tree

I know when we had Black saturday every thing was burnt but eventaully everything grows back

Things are getting bad in Australia we are facing 45 C tem nearly everyday plus everything has dried out we are not getting much rain we got most of that in the winter monthes but havent had much now

Things dry out and with the heavy winds it pushes the fire along

Tasmanian fires are still going and there is one which is still bad

Victoria has tow huge fires that are out of control we have been getting ash from some of the Victorian fires

Now towns near Hobart have been warned to get out of there homes


i cant beleive how bad things are getting
Anyway l will keep you all updated on waht happens next
Hopefully these fires are going to be put out soon

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