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RIP Paul Bearer

WWE has announced that William Moody, best known as Paul Bearer in WWE as well as Percy Pringle, has passed away at the age of fifty-eight. Bearer made his WWE debut in 1991 as The Undertaker's manager and played a prominant part of Taker and Kane's storylines ever since.

a great manager. Should be miss by a lot of wrestling fans
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I watched Wrestling back in the mid nineties and Undertaker was the reason for that! Paul Bearer was a great addition to that team and made for some great storylines (like the Buried Alive match where he was just that, Buried Alive! (I think he got Buried Alive at least!! I know Kane did, but i thought Bearer also was buried)

I remember that i had one of those "A ha" moments, years after I stopped watching wrestling, i was just sitting around one day and it was one of those moments when you FINALLY get something that you didnt even realize you didnt get! Like when you are just thinking, and then you get it, and you smile and just nod your head! And that was when I finally realized what his name was! Paul Bearer! I cant believe I never thought of it before hand, but when I got it, just randomly one day, I still remember it so it must have been a great day for me!

He was always a big dude, I wonder if he had lost weight since the mid nineties, I stopped watching wrestling around high school, but once in a while I may flip through, see its on and watch a few minutes, for nostalgia sake!
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Kind of surprised he was only 58. Enjoyed his performances back in the day. I started watching wrestling around 85 and stopped around the time The Rock left and the original Degeneration X kinda broke apart so I stuck with it for a long time and Paul was one of the better "managers" who always put on a good performance during interviews and at ringside during the matches. RIP Paul Bearer
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