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The High Cost Of Living (2010)

not sure why i wanna write this since the movie will be hard to find outside Quebec ... but i admit it's one of the most powerful drama i've seen lately.

Funny thing , it's a low-budget movie that doesn't try to sugarcoat it with comedic relief or goes down the cheesy road of overly dramatic scenes. And personally , i think what attracted me in this movie is that i have done some really shitty and fucked-up things in my life but nothing of notable consequences.

Casting :

Isabelle Blais : Nathalie
Zach Braff : Henry
Patrick Labbé : Michel
Anick Lemay : Julie

Nathalie is 8 months pregnant , one night too soon , in a birthing scare , she rushes out of her apartement to get run over by Henry. She lives but the child is dead yet she is so freaked out that the doctors can't remove the dead baby from her belly.

Henry is an american expat living in Montreal on an expired visa while dealing drugs to maintain a "normal" way of life. Freaked by the accident , in a car filled with illegal narcotics and not "sober" , he runs away while leaving Nathalie almost dead.

Guilt-ridden Henry can't live with his action and tracks Nathalie down but never says who he really is . Nathalie is so freaked out that her world is crumbling , the dead baby is still in her belly ,the event made her shun all of her friends who have babies & her husband wants to turn the page while she can't and Henry is her only saving grace.

The story might sound cheesy but the real star is the interaction between Isabelle and Zach. You know that at some point he will reveal himself to her but the build-up is crazy good. Just hearing Zach saying "I FUCKED UP!" to his friend is priceless and touching. Moments here and there hit home.

The movie assume its whole drama etiquette and it shows. Zach Braff is totally going the opposite of his JD character. 0 comic relief. Actually I think Zach Braff did the right thing ... a role as far as JD as possible. He smokes , does drug , got an unshaven beard ... talk about anti-casting!

Trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgnvQLmVsAE

i think the last time i cried while watching a movie was Ripley jumping in the reactor in Alien 3

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