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Farcry 3

Anyone else picked up this absolute gem of a game? its great stuff.

What i'm loving is some of the situations you find yourself in. Like with the wildlife and the like. Last night i'm sitting on a rock trying to pick off some pirates with my sniper rifle. I screw up my last shot which causes the alarm to sound. So i switch off my Sniper rifle and get ready for a fire fight and back up off my rock. As soon as i back off suddenly a tiger lands right where i was sitting! This fucking tiger was hunting me and i only just happened to jump out of the way at the last second when it attacked! Fucking awesome!

Needless to say between the pirates, their attack dogs and the tiger i got my ass handed to me and the subsequent hour of game play was plagued with paranoia about another tiger attack as i'm trying to line up a shot. But it was so awesome. You see cause unlike Skyrim where if a hostile animal sees you it will just come barreling after you and attack. I didn't even know this bloody tiger was there and had i waited a second longer it would have landed right on me!

The multiplayer is what you would expect from any FPS these days but with the main game feeling much more like an adventure game with shooting parts it makes for a very different experience in terms of tempo of game play and the like. I mean lets face it the CoD's and Battlefields single and multi player modes could be interchangeable for a lot of it which for me becomes boring but with Farcry 3 its a nice mix up of action.

Peeps should definitely give it a go.
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This game is BANANAS! And Gwen Stefani should agree.

I own the PS3 version and have been loving it, with the exception of some horrid dithering and shadow effects (hopefully we will get a patch to this as it does take me out of the experience at times). But I've heard the 360 version doesn't suffer from those issues and that the PC version is jaw-dropping.

EDIT: Also, once I unlocked the bow as my primary weapon, the game went off the charts in terms of awesome. This is seriously my favorite video game since Skyrim.

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Can't believe more people aren't talking about this game, it's probably GOTY (even with the PS3 problems).
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Heh, i made the mistake of clearing out all the outposts on the first island before progressing the story much. Driving around now is pretty uneventful. Can't wait to get to the second island.
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GOTY for me , it's fucking amazing. I beat the main story yesterday and I was satisfied. Now I am going to tackle all the extra side missions.
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Just finished it today. Pretty fantastic all-around. Of the few games I got around to playing this year, it's my favorite (just barely knocking over Halo 4).
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Finally made it to the second island last night. Going to do all the hunting quests and the like on the first island before i progress the second island much though.

Oh man, i was doing one ofthe story quests, the one where you have to set the C4 and ambush Vass's men. I kept failing it over and over and for the life of me i couldn't figure out why. You know what the problem was? The fucking car i drove up in i left in the middle of the road so any time they convoy came up they'd hit my car and i'd fail the mission! Insane the shit that can happen in this game
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I got it for christmas and just started playing yesterday. Apart from getting pissed every time I have a specific animal to skin, a tiger flies out of nowhere and murders me; the game is pretty much awesome!
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So i'm in the process of cleaning up all the extra stuff on the first island before progressing the second one too much and am finally gettign around to all the side stuff. Some of it is pretty fun.

The Trials of the Rakyat are great if only for that fact they are all different. One was a standard, another i was on a hill with a Sniper Rifle and yet another i was in a Jeep running guys down around this circular hill. Great fun!

The Kill missions are pretty standard as are the supply drops.

In the process of unlocking all the guns i noticed that i sitll needed one but couldn't figure out from where. After a bit of research there is this thing called Uplay that you goto in the games main menu. Apparently when completing certain tasks in the game gets you Uplay points which you then spend on stuff.

Of the 4 that were listed for Far Cry 3 i had enough to get them all so i got a Ps3 theme, the final gun (a signature Magnum with a scope!), a whole new mission in some hidden lab and something to do with the tattoo editor for multi player.

So i got an otherwise ungetable gun and unlocked a new mission for nothing else then playing the game already. Not bad. Anyone else try this Uplay stuff yet?
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This is the type of game I've been waiting. A shooter that gives me numerous possibilities to take out my enemies. Although I haven't done much variety as opposed to normal and knife takedowns, this game is simply great!

Probably my GOTY as well, but I still got The Walking Dead to jump on after I'm done with this.
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New DLC called High Tides coming to PS3 next week

So this add on/expansion is supposed to add 2 new Co-Op missions and
"tougher fights," larger competitions, and "explosive moments unlike anything you've seen before."
I like. The unfortunate thing is there is no info on when or if this content will come to the 360 or PC. It probably will but who knows.
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