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The Return Of The Obama Phone Lady

These two together. Now I've seen everything.

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Hey that lady was annoying on the clip you provided

I just dont understand why they would ahve someone like this as a major high light
But l can see she was concerned with where the nation was going but to have her on a tv show was abit annoying

I think sometimes on tv shows they dont have any news so they just go for anything

I know in Australia sometimes events happen and they just repeat the thing that much you turn the tv off
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Old 01-16-2013, 09:26 PM
At least she's better informed now and has a job.

That first famous clip of her talking and yelling about the phone symbolizes what this country has become; one big, self-entitled but traumatized and frightened child.

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Well it is great she is working now at least we wont have anymore clips of her yelling and giving me a headache

I like your second commnet
I sometimes have to agree all we do is get on the nerves of other people with the rubbish they put forward
That is waht l was saying that sometimes when the news area does not have much to do they just put on rubbish or repeat the same subject
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