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Seeking out New Wave music

Anything specifically similar to Nena Kerner of "99 Red Balloons/99 Luft Bullons." Anything from the 1980's. And maybe anything from beyond the `80's since some of Nena's music in the 90's and 2000's do stick out.

What got me started on this quest was re-watching the "Sailor Moon" anime. After watching the entire show (in its original Japanese form with subtitles, which is a million times better), I missed it terribly and seeked out the music on CD. Didn't think I was even going to find it, but it is available. And it did its job. Just like the show, the music in its beautiful Japanese form took me to a different place. In that regard, I do recommend the "Sailor Moon Memorial Song Box" if you're into Japanese pop.

But you can't listen to the same music over and over again no matter how amazing it is. Seeked out the "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" sound track, and what caught my attention was Nena's "99 Luft Bullons." Whoever that is, she must have performed more songs than just that. And she has. It doesn't matter if it's not in english. German is about as beautiful to listen to as Japanese.

And in that regard, I whole-hearted recommend "Nena Allesgute," her double CD with her 38 number one singles. Most of the songs on it are great. Not all of them are catchy as, or have the high energy of, "99 Luft Bullons." Some of them are, while there are some softer and slower songs that are alternately moving and beautiful.

If anyone reading this already knows exactly what I'm talking about and is aware of similar New Wave music from France or other non-english countries, I would love to know. I've looked on google, but am unable find exactly what I'm looking for. Beyond typing "New Wave music similar to Nena Kerner," (and only really linking to Nena), it throws in some names, but don't know what to pick and choose. Can't just blind-buy 20 different CD's on the spot.

I know what some of you might be thinking and I only do CD's. Am very old-school. Will never bother with MP3 players, iPods and internet-based links that allow me to listen to music before buying. And vice versa with YouTube. I've been on it and it's just too much information. Just about everything is on it and it traps you.

So, this is a shout out to those familiar with New Wave pop like Nena and similar musicians to her. Preferabely from the 1980's, but maybe from beyond that decade if it just as amazing. I pretty much know the American bands of the 80's and am seeking out foreign music that the 2000's have forgotten about.
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Admittedly, I'm not all that familiar with a great deal of new wave, but I have recently been trying to expand my musical horizons, especially when it comes to new wave, like you.

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just out of curiosity, how old are you Duke Nukem? sometimes the age of a person helps me understand where they're coming from.
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Hey Duke. Great to see you back after a month hiatus. I sent you a message a couple days ago. Don't forget to read it and get back to me with a reply soon. Thanks.
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Interesting and strange video, outsyder. I prefered not to be linked with YouTube, but one visit won't hurt. Was that video really from 1978, just as musicians were beginning with music videos? Lol. That reminds me of another foreign musical group, ABBA from Sweden. Fell in love with them in 2012. Beside the "Mamma Mia" musical and movie, there are other songs (though all in english) that kick ass, especially "Summer Night City." They were their own New Wave from 1972 to 1982, and they were among the earlist of musicians to experiment with music videos. I do recommend the "ABBA number ones" CD/DVD.

spooky, I'm in my late twenties, though I might as well have the spirit of someone in their late fifties. I live for 1980s; the movies, music and the pop-culture and especially the less media attention and complete lack of social media bullcrap (with the exception of simple forums like this!). That's why I don't care for all the new technologies like MP3 players and iPods. But as stated, any New Wave from beyond 1980 that is equally amazing won't hurt.

Living for movies in the 1980's, especially the lesser known and forgotten horror movies, I may be turning to older music now, having hunted down most of the horror films of the time.

Hey, Count Orlok. I'm back, but only for this search for New Wave music. Will send you a PM.
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Well, I found what I was looking for, and it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Tried google again, wound up on Wikipedia, and it taught me about 6 French New Wave artists from the 1980's. Then, had to go to YouTube after all hear them out. Those musical groups are about as strange as that YouTube video outsyder included. Not what was I looking for. Some generic snythesizer pop and some strange music. Somehow, it's not as accessable to a non-French listener as Nena's German music is to a non-German. It's also like hearing a foreign version of the American band "The Cars." I tried out one of their CDs and it was all generic pop. Doesn't compare to, say, Blondie or U2.

Well, I got my answer for now. Not all foreign New Wave, at least from France, was all that. Was extremely lucky to find good German New Wave in the form of Nena. Still recommend that one. Thanks for what little help you guys could offer.
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