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Harrison Ford wants new Indiana Jones film

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this is a bad idea
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Please, make it stop. I really wish they stopped at The Last Crusade.
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Haha I knew Echo would love this idea being that he loved the last one so much.
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Originally Posted by Roy Batty View Post
Please, make it stop. I really wish they stopped at The Last Crusade.
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Old 11-20-2013, 08:53 PM
As long as Shia Laboof isn't in it, then I'm fine with yet another Indy movie.
At the end of the day, whether we like the idea or not, if they want to make another, then they will. So, whatever.
Just...please. no, Shia thanks.
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I'm all for one more... if only because the number 4 lacks the finality of 3 and 5. They've already been trying to develop it for a few years now, so we might as well get used to the idea -- as long as they finish it within the next 3 years or so.
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I think the day and age for Indy is over.
Not just Ford's age, but also in terms of Spielberg's style, reliance on CGI instead of practical effects, etc...

Crystal Skull didn't feel like Indy, nor did it really look like an Indy movie. Most of that has to do with extensive digital backlots that were roughly TV-movie quality and looked nothing like the real world. Also bad was the artificial lighting for outdoor scenes, fake lens flare, horrible CGI muskrats, ants, monkeys, plants, inter-dimensional creatures...

Just plain terrible in every way. It would be nice if they went back to a theme based on faith and the mystery of religion in some way. The first three all had Indy's redemption and life saved based on his knowledge of religious history, not believing in it, but finally embracing the myth and realizing that although he doesn't want to believe he HAS to. It's that leap of faith - at one point literally - which saves his ass.
It would be fine if it was a good movie that had this underlying theme, maybe tie it in with Indy's awareness of his mortality and age.
Also, for God's sake keep it practical for 85%+ in the effects department and use real-world locations.

However, I have little faith that this would be the reality. It will probably suck.
But it will make $500 million or more dollars worldwide box office - maybe even up to $800 million - so everyone can just laugh away my criticisms to the bank.
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