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Rate and Rank the Season/Series Finales

It's that time of year. Most shows have either ended or about to end.

My ratings and rankings

Person of Interest


The Following

The Walking Dead

Coming up: Supernatural, Crisis, The Good Wife.

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The Following
Should of gone with the Joe vs the pastor story line over the Twins and psycho mother one .Also, oh look Joe starts another cult ,didn`t see that coming(yawn),they capture a bad guy OH NOOOO the bad guy escapes in to the crowd,worse fbi ever,yawn.Plus people getting stabbed in the stomach ever show was like a sick drinking game.Anywhoo ,Religion,I mean isn`t believing in JC a type of following? That`s what they should of gone with,Joe vs religion for the bulk of the season but it seemed like with five episodes to go it was like the writers wen`t sh-t what do we do? Plus the final hook to make us watch season 3 was lame.He had a cellphone on him did he? Why not call for help earlier? Hey can you pick me up at this random spot please.Next season if they do more of the joe and Hardy team up we may breath life into dying show. 6/10 for the last episode as nothing really happened that made it exciting ,i mean kill clarie or at least a main character, a good guy for gods sake, but oh no nothing like that.
Hell make it a 7 since poor old Kevin Bacon look bloody confused or bored half the time.

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