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What is this 90's movie called?

Im gonna be as descriptive as possible it takes place in space people are being killed off by this alien type reptile creature or guy something along those lines been a very long time since I saw this movie.

Theres a part in the movie where this good looking cocky guy is tricked into a hologram of the wild wild west throughout the movie he acts macho brave and like hes not afraid of anything and I believe he loves westerns hes obsessed with them .

Hes tricked into this hologram and has a showdown and shoots this guy he then walks up to the guy says something cocky in an old west fashion thinking the guys dead and the guy opens his eyes his eyes change something long comes out of his mouth and you see him reach up and grab the cocky guy which of course means...hes gonna die .

I cant remember the name of this movie or who starred in it I thought it was Brad Dourif but I dont believe it was ive looked all over the place. Please can someone identify this movie for me please?

Its not Oblivion just to note that one had someone in a wild west setting but he had long hair and the guy in the one I am thinking about had short hair he looked like a model.
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