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Greatest Horror Make Up Artists?

Hi all,

Being horror fans, we love gore, guts and gruesome special effects. So here's a thread to discuss your favourite make up artists of the horror world. Who are your favourites and what of their work do you like best?

You can't beat Tom Savini in my opinion! Truly the champion of his craft. There's so many great effects of his to choose from - it's so tough.

More recently, there's an up and coming artist who I think is just fantastic. Whilst dealing with lots and lots of gore, he also has a knack for more subtle effects. Yep, of course, it's Todd Masters! He did a brilliantly gruesome job with True Blood and his latest work in (the absolute MUST SEE!) American Mary is also amazing too...


So what's everyone's favourite make up artist and master of gore?
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Totally agree with you on Tom Savini - He's truly the best artist in my opinion. My favourite work of his is Day Of The Dead, which is my favourite of his for pure visceral gore.

I'd also give the nod to Rick Baker for his work on An American Werewolf In London, plus not forgetting to mention Lon Chaney sr, as I would say that he was the father of special effects in movies.
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