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Ordering Movies Online

I finally made the transition. I've spoken against ordering online in some threads concerning nostalgia, the loss of video stores and everything that was old-school being wiped off the planet. Also spoke against it in one or two Monster Mania Con threads. Horror conventions are all that's left to find older horror films I'm looking for. But not anymore.

December 21st passed last year and nothing happened. This may sound morbid, but part of me was at work that day and looking outside for a tidal wave to put me out of misery. After all, almost everything that was old-school is now gone. But it was just a planetary alignment and nothing more. Those Mayans, or the govenment, getting us riled up over nothing. Entering 2013 felt depressing. Had to do something and needed something to look forward to. And finally decided to try ordering movies online. Didn't want to wait three months before the next convention.

It's simple and not all that complicated. For the films on my list of hard-to-find movies, it is a convenient tool. Still doesn't mean I'll ever touch Facebook, Twittter, texting, etc., with a forty foot pole. Have made two completed orders and have just made another one for some more movies.

Road Games (1981) - Austrailian road movie thriller with Jamies Lee Curtis. Have watched it, didn't love it as expected, but find it above-average.

Cutting Class (1989) - An unremarkable "Halloween/Friday The 13th" rip-off starring Jill Schoelen and a young Brad Pitt of all people. Seen part of it before and knew it wasn't very good. And having now seen it, it is generic as hell, but it is another rip-off to add to my large collection. I can now say that there are forty to fifty of these rip-offs and am beginning to run out of space on my shelf.

Blood Relations (1987) - A woman finds out her fiance and family are weirdos.

Dead of Winter (1987) - An actress meets two supposed film producers in a remote mansion, and they have other plans for her. Have watched it and it is a solid thriller.

Frightmare (1974) - A British cannibalistic couple.

Night Screams (1987) - High school party at a house and a slasher going around. Looks like another "Halloween/Friday The 13th" rip-off.

Someone's Watching Me (1978) - a TV-movie from John Carpenter with a stranger spying on a woman.

Sqirum (1976) - Worms in a nature-runs-amuch film.

Impulse (1984) - Something is causing people in a small town act to differently, mischiefly and murderously.

Ants (1977) - A TV-movie and another nature-runs-amuck movie. Have watched it and found it above-average.

Alone in the Dark (1982) - Another "Halloween/Friday The 13th" rip-off, this time with four escaped lunatics and starring Donald Pleasance, Jack Palance and Martin Landou.

Color Me blood Red (1965) - An early gore movie from Hershell Gordon Lewis, with a painter finding a new inspiration for his work.

The Wizard of Gore (1968/1970) - Another gore movie from Lewis, with a magician who may not be a fake.

Afraid of the Dark (1992) - A killer targets blind women.

Now on the way are:

Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1983/1986) - Thought back to the forbidden and overlooked movies of the VHS days.

The Curse (1987) - Another forbidden and overlooked movie from the good old days. A meteor crashes into Earth and causes people to turn into monsters, or something like that. Always remembered its original cover art with the giant arm coming out of the ground and picking up a house. Too bad its not really about that.

The Curse II: The Bite (1988) - My only interest in this sequel, to an apparently not very good original film, is the presence of scream queen Jill Schoelen. Out of all her genre work from 1987 to 1991, this is the oddest one to picture her in. It comes with the original movie as a double-feature.

Girls Nite Out (1983) - Another girls initiation into a fraternity and another "Halloween/Friday The 13th" rip-off.

Prince of Darkness (1987) - Have seen this underrated John Carpenter film before and should have it.

The Dark Half (1993) - Currently reading the Stephen King book and will be interested in seeing the movie.

Devil Doll (1964) - An early take on the living doll premise.

This will probably be it for now. The next convention is in early March and don't need to spend anymore money. Ordering movies online isn't so bad after all.

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Well yes you order a lot of movies over the net l have done it to but stopped when told that a video have to has closen,down a lot of people are losing there jobs and to see this first hand was terriable I asked why they were closing and they said the same old thing net downloading and other things they were not getting the customers also another video shop his closing leAving us with,no place to rent videos l have,to travel close to the city now
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I know full well what it was like to lose Suncoast Video, Sam Goody and then my mom & Pop store with the old VHS movies. I feel your pain. It hurt a lot and it still does. When first losing Suncoast, I wasn't actually too worried. Didn't think the other places would close as well. Even naively thought it might come back. It was nice to see that, without visiting Suncoast every one or two weeks, there was more money in my pocket. Saving more money.

But people doing everything online nowadays is here to stay. I can't deny it and there was no sense grumbling about it any longer. Had to make the move and ordering online is the simplest way to get the particular movies on my list. And when Best Buy and Barnes & Noble eventually stop selling DVD's cold turkey, this will be my the option. Ordering online has been around for maybe a decade and it took me this long to get around to it.

I am actually going to New York City next week, because there is still a video store there with DVD's and VHS. Looking forward to it. I still miss going to a video store and physically holding a DVD in my hand, but ordering online is an acceptable substitute.
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Yes it is sad and you are right it is the sign of the times and buying online is where you can get wfhat you want l think now shipping a product is free sometimes on what you get me being in aus we have to order from over seas and we used to do thatat the DVD shop but you would still rent there l used to,love the,personal experirce but you don't even have that sometimes it was cheaper,renting than buying just say say you hate what you ordered can you send it back
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I to love to go to stores (that use to exist and now don't) but we still have a couple of places here that surprisingly get good stuff from time to time. I also to have a want list, and when I would go to these stores I would never find any of them there, but would find everything but them, and I would look down and have a handful of other movies I didn't need, but with that money I spent on those. I could of got some of the ones on my list from my favorite online place Amazon.com and purchased the ones on my want list. I also find it funny that you got a movie that is currently on my want list "ROAD GAMES" Jami Curtis, it's a shame you didn't like it like I did.
Also I should tell you what I usually tell everyone about buying movies on the net. Amazon.com always seems to have the movies I want in stock or either users on amazon have them. The plus's are you don't have to leave the house to get the movies and they arrive at the door. Also you don't have to worry about some crazy psycho with a gun shooting you at a store which probably doesn't have the movies you are after. which seems to be the new trend now days.

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In the past two years, when I brought my list of older horror movies to horror movie conventions, I couldn't find most of those movies there. Similar deal with you and the video stores you still have. You're lucky to still have them. Not finding enough of the movies on my list at the conventions was another reason to finally try ordering online. Chances are, most of those movies won't be at the next convention anyway. For me, it's like settling for the lesser of many new-school technological evils I just don't get.

"Road Games" was above-average, which is respectable. I just got my hopes with the hype of seeing the last `80's horror film with Jamie Lee Curtis. It has a nice setup, but that is mostly what it is. Not much a payoff. There is a payoff at the end, but there is payoff scene before that, that should have led to something...

...When Stacy Keach investigates the mysterious sound in his trailer, what did he find in there? He didn't seem to find anything...

...The ordering website I found was CD Universe, which is connected with Amazon. Some movies are directly though CD, others are indirectly through Amazon. For the movies on my list, it is a convenient source. There is a horror convention in early March, so I'm waiting until afterward to order my next set of movies. It depends on what's at the convention. With ordering online as an option now, I might not be as dependent on the conventions anymore.

There was something simple in, Heaven forbid, getting in the car and going to a store to get your movies. If it was brand new movie you wanted to see right away, you could just take it home and watch it right then. But if you order that brand new movie online, you do have to wait within a week for it to arrive. It is simple ordering a movie now, but you have to wait a week or longer for it to arrive. People still have get in their car and run errands for a lot of resources they need and want. Too bad going to the video store is almost not available now.

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Yeah there was something I liked about Road Games, I hope you'll hang on to your copy and maybe it will grow on you, LOL. But like I tell people no matter how much you like a Movie there is no way to make someone else like it that way. "People are in titled to what they like, and how they will react to it."

As for my video stores one is a card and Game store which happens to purchase hundreds of movies and has tons on it's shelves and sells them for $3 each which I have found some really good stuff there. The other is the normal Family Video (Rental Store) which recently opened up about a year ago, and I finally went in there and they had "2 movies for $4" which is an amazing deal and was actually able to pick up some movies on my want list as well as others those being "Attack the Block" and "I Sell the Dead", and "Tucker and Dale vs Evil", and "Heir Apparent - Largo Winch" , and others I can't think of but are good in my mind. That was the first time I have been able to scratch a couple movies off my list, that was an amazing deal for getting those movies 2 for $4. So I will make it a habit to check that place out from time to time. A nice thing about those places is they will clean the discs the moment you purchase a movie. I should also mention that for some reason I am a master of finding movies for other peoples want list then my own. "I seem to find everyone else's movies then my own".
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Originally Posted by Duke Nukem View Post

The Dark Half (1993) - Currently reading the Stephen King book and will be interested in seeing the movie.
You should set your expectations pretty low for this.
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I won't be getting rid of my copy of "Road Games," not after paying $40 for it off of Amazon and it being the last 1980's horror movie with Jamie Lee Curtis. It is the only movie I paid that much for online, and there are extra movies on my list that are too pricey to grab online yet.

I have a Best Buy, which has seriously downgraded its horror section and all of the DVD aisles. It's a shame. There is some nice horror and especially non-horror found at Barnes & Noble. Recently picked up "Naked Lunch," "Repulsion" and "A Night to Remember" - all Criterion editions and a lot of money. With the news of B & B in more trouble, couldn't hold out any longer. If I were rich, I would go there more often, clean out their DVD's and help them pay their financial troubles to stay in business. Don't want to lose them.

There are two second-hand stores with used DVD's for cheap, one in which happens to clean their DVD's upon purchase. Most of the time, used DVD's were taken care of by their previous owners and still play well. The problem is, none of these places have that wide selection of older horror movies I want to track down. Suncoast Video, RIP, had an excellent selection of older and newer movies. And if they weren't available on DVD yet, you could order them on VHS. Suncoast ruled.

Finished reading the book, "The Dark Half," and saw the movie. Really wanted to like it more, but it was a flat adaptation of the book. There were some nice touches translated well onto the screen, some details inevitably left out, and some other details and aspects that should have remained. It is above-average, but inevitably disappointing as movie adaptations of books typically go.

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Hello, I am glad you are keeping your Road Games as for paying $40 "YIKES"! I just purchased mine from a person in Australia for $10 + $6 shipping. Please don't think I'm bragging about that, its just I invested in a all-region player which I urge anyone and everyone to do and that way you will have a much bigger variety to find your movies for a lot cheaper. I talked all about that on a past thread about the 2 disc Return of the living dead on here. Also picked up a Steel Book Flash Gordon SE DVD I think it was region 2? Also just got in the mail my Region 2 DVDs of "POPCORN", "THE HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK", and "GHOSTHOUSE" For $1.09 each and Shipping was $3.64 on all 3 of them, I hope they are good?

Also as for stores yeah Best Buy use to rock they had a sweet selection with 8 full rows of DVDs now its like 4 rows and they are half the size? it's a shame, But the closest Best Buy around here is 80 Miles, but they were always a hot stop shop when they did have there Selection in the day's of old.

Yeah As for Criterion Collections yeah I know that Barnes & Noble a couple of months back had a huge sale on all of there Criterion Collections on there website. If you can get any Criterion Collections for a good price do so! I recall laughing at the Armageddon Criterion Collection when I saw they made a Criterion of it, but with me watching a lot, well I mean listening to a lot of commentary tracks I wanted to get it because it had 2, and found the Michael Bay, Ben Affleck, and Bruce Willis very funny, and Michael Bay threw in a couple of F' Bombs LOL. Those Guy's at Criterion are doing things right!

But speaking about Horror Collections, every time someone comes over and sees all my movies and is amazed & shocked, I shake my head and just tell them look at all of these Dust Collectors, and times it by 2 and pretend they are all Horror movies, and you have Rob Zombies Horror DVD collection "Which I saw on one of the only cribs episodes I watched". I wonder if there is a picture on the net of it? I just recall it being huge and so organized.
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"Popcorn" is a decent slasher and I would say the last film to mark the many "Halloween/Friday The 13th" rip-offs. I've read about "The House on the Edge of the Park," and am both curious and on the fence about seeing it. Seriously disliked "Last House on the Left," and can tolerate "I Spit on Your Grave," because the heroine survives and gets revenge on her rapists. Might not be interested in seeing another extreme exploitation film, but once in a while, you want to try something edgier and different. The last film I tried out for shock value was "The Human Centipede 2," and that was something else.

"Armageddon" as a Criterion? That is a laugh. Next time I'm aware of a sale on those Criterions, I might pay more attention. "Naked Lunch" is a sick, repulsive and ultimately rewarding experience (if already you're familiar with David Cronenberg). Expected "Repulsion" to be freaky, and it was.

My horror collection, especially in the last two years, has been been growing rapidly because of horror conventions. At one point, I was barely able to clear more space on my shelves. Eventually replaced a smaller bookcase with a larger one and had more space. Alas, it is almost filled and was lucky to open one shelf recently. My collection might be as large as you described your own.

-All the big and small franchise movies

-Random subgenres of Italian Giallo/"Attack of the Monster" Movies from the 1950's/1960's Gore movies/etc.

-A shelf devoted to just the slashers and/or "Halloween/Friday The 13th" rip-offs

-"Jaws" rip-offs and/or nature-runs-amuck films

-A shelf just for the average-and-below movies

-And lastly, the stand-alone horror films.

The stand-alone horror films might represent 50% of the collection and all the others put together might represent the other half. Left over is a fairly large amount of non-horror movies and a box with other DVD's and VHS. When I'm in a position to get a place of my own, I'll finally be able to properly have room for all of them. A video store in my own house.

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Yeah I purchased those 3 movies just to see "popcorn" because I kept hearing about it. I am on the same boat as you on "the last house on the left" didn't care for that at all, which it looks like "The house on the edge of the park" is going to be just like it. But I really enjoyed "I Spit on your Grave". As for the Human Centipede 1 or 2, haven't even thought to watch those, or allow it to touch my DVD player.

As for the Armageddon Criterion, yeah I picked it up for $3, So I couldn't pass up the chance to get it for that. As for the Naked Lunch, and Repulsion need to watch, I kind of stopped buying Criterion collection dvd's unless I find them for a good price. But Hulu.com has all of them on there site, I really need to get the Hulu plus, and get to watching them? I know they are coming out with a "Repo-man" Criterion. Then there's "The Game" with Michael Douglas that I have my eyes on both of them, I want to listen to those Commentary tracks. Sure I would love to have a bunch of Criterion's, but will have to play the waiting game.

As for my collection I have never really bothered to count how many. But I have 3 full book shelves full, + DVDs in front of those (so Double layered) so that would be 6 full book shelves total, as well as others hidden all though out the house. I think Rob Zombies collection was 12 or 10 full book shelves full (the time I saw his Cribs thing)? I buy way to many movies. I just went to Family Video again today and purchased 10 more movies, but for $2 each that is way cheaper then renting them. I have an addiction, and I can't stop.

My collection is centered around Sci-fi, Horror, and Action.
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Unless you're curious, willing and all in, you can live without seeing either of the "Human Centipede" films.

I'm not all that interested in commentary tracks on DVD's, unless they're franchise movies I've seen many times. Have seen "Halloween 5," "Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan" and "Halloween: Resurrection" (this one, several years ago) with the commentary. Notably, they are the less popular entries of those series, but there is something interesting about the lesser entries with commentary. To hear what the filmmakers have to say about their less successful ventures. Have also seen F13 Parts 2, 6 and 8 with the French audio, which makes them slightly different and unique experiences.

Wow, with the double layering, your collection must be larger than my own. I haven't counted the number of DVDs and VHS in my collection, either. I have two large book shelves with movies and other assorted items on one wall and shelving on another wall with the stand-alone horror films and non-horror films.

Collecting DVD's is an addiction, but a healthy one I would say. It's what keeps both of us going. It's hard to move on with the loss of Suncoast Video. From time to time, I need to get out of the house and go to a store. To go out and do something. I suspect everyone does. I keep going to Best Buy and Barnes & Noble every one or two weeks, even though I know I won't find anything most of the time. So as helpful as online ordering admittedly is, it isn't necessarily the same. That Family Video store of yours sounds nice. People either spend their money on movies, clothing, or both. The movie geeks and the walking fashion statements. For me, I am the three-dimensional movie geek and one-dimensional dresser. I don't look like a bumb, but I also don't care others might think about my jeans and t-shirts.

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As for the Human Centipede yeah I saw the trailer for it and thought what will they make next, and then there was a second one. I Never had any desire to see them. But I know I have seen far worse movies.

As for Commentary tracks, I do a lot of painting and drawing so I either listen to music or I put in a movie in and listen to the commentary track as background noise on those you hear a bunch of idea's, that's how I found there was something at the end of the credits of the "Slither" movie. Normally when the credits roll they say goodbye, but as the credits were rolling there was just silence so I decided to keep it running then all of a sudden they start talking near the very end about the hidden scene at the end, and I have made it a habit to watch all the movies or fast forward to the very end to see which movies have stuff at the end, I have a huge list of movies that I have found stuff at the end. But anyways I have listened to some great commentary tracks, mainly those of my favorite movies. But as for the "Predator" from director John McTernin which happened to almost put me to sleep "what a Shame". But you must not let the boring ones stop you. I have had some great ones. The Total Recall with Arnold is so funny its worth it just for that alone, any Arnold Commentary's are great I only know of 2 the Total Recall & Conan the Barbarian. I wish he would do more. I would kill for him to do one of Predator, but I'm sure he wants nothing to do with that considering it was Hell making that movie.

As for the Collection yeah they are dust collectors in my mind. But in truth I have a lot of time and money invested in them, so of course they are important to me. The only new movies I buy at stores seem to be those Multi-packs with 8 movies on 2 discs like this 8 horror collection! I just recently picked up a 20 horror movie collection on 4 discs for $5 at walmart but on the net its around $10 it actually had some good movies on it, here that one is: 20 Horror Films for $10.

Yeah Collecting does get me out of the house which is a good thing. But if your looking for a certain movie it's best to just get it online. Also I am starting to put a stop to trying to buy movies on Ebay. For some reason they are going for way to high when you can just buy them off amazon or somewhere else for there set price for cheaper which makes no sense, but once in a blue moon you do win one for a damn good price. You would think people would know about this? As for Family Video yeah I am going to stop in another town that has one to check there selection. Just recently watched "Elevator" (I got it for $2, which I think I got robbed, very bland movie, not scary, but I believe it had the older brother from Home Alone in it) aside from that, I got suckered into it from the quote on the back about something involving "12 angry men" which that happens to be one of my favorite movies.

I should rap this up i have already wrote a novel.
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In a way, my collection is a dust collecter, too. It has collected a lot of dust. It's a good thing I'm not a allergic to dust, or I would have to clean off the dust constantly. There are some movies I haven't watched in ages and tune into again, like "The Core" recently. A really entertaining and underrated movie.

When it's certain movie, online it is. Other times, you want to go a store and just look around at selection on the shelves for hidden treasures. This a forgotten and neglected pleasure.

Go ahead and move on with your projects. It was nice talking to you.

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Hello, Duke Nukem when i said "I should rap this up i have already wrote a novel." I was talking about that reply, i felt like i was rambling. No, I worries about me talking about movie stuff, Its kind of my passion "Movies and All".

As for "The Core" is that the one where they go to the center of the earth. If it's that version I remember me wanting to see that when it came out, and my brother kept making fun of me for wanting to see it. I just recently actually picked up the 1993 tv version of "journey to the Center of the earth" for some reason I really like that version, it also has Sam Raimi in it.

Also I should re cant some things about buying online now. I have been hooked on going to this Family Video now, mainly after watching the movie "Cabin in the Woods" that I picked up there, Damn was that a good flick I would urge you to give that a shot! I have found out that the family Video in the next town that i was planning a trip is overloaded with movies that they need to get rid of and are going to do a 10 movies for $10 deal soon, so I am going to hit that up! I am already super stoked to go and see what I come back with, that will be in a couple of days though.
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"The Core" is from 2003 and is best described as the complete opposite of "Armageddon." The Earth's Core has stopped spinning and the planet will get hotter and lose its defenses against the sun - if a team doesn't venture down to the core in a specialized machine to get it restarted. It felt so unusually nostalgic to watch again, even for a movie from the 2000's, that's how dramatic everything has shifted in the last decade.

I did see "The Cabin in the Woods" last year and it was a pleasant surprise.

So, you listen to commentary tracks while drawing and painting. That makes sense. You sound creative-oriented, so am I. I used to write fan-fiction horror over the years and have built model-specific stuff from Lego. Not play, just build. Like the Corvette and other cars, as well as mastering the Titanic in 2011. Three feet long and beautiful.

Ten movies for ten dollars. That's a good deal. Another good deal are those movie boxsets with 50 old movies that are only $20. Still have two boxsets purchased from 2011 and an not through with them yet. It is a very convenient way to see so many of the classic and craptacular movies of the past.

My mood is always up and down lately, balancing the nostalgia and such. And it doesn't help that there is still something depressing about living in 2013. This will be ten years since finishing high school, and that is both depressing and difficult to not think about. On Wednesday, I felt like I needed to go out and do something. Go to the stores and the mall, even though there won't be anything there. With the cold weather, I wound up getting sick. A sore throat. And I just got over the cold and flu a month ago. The good thing about it is, if I'm going to get sick again with the current weather, better now than two weeks from now with the horror convention going on. I should be better by then.

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Yup! That's the same "Core" Movie I got made fun of for wanting to see.

Yeah I love listening to commentaries, it acts as though there is someone in the room talking with me, and keeps me busy doing my work. As for Lego's yeah I use to make some sweet pieces back in the day, a shame I sold all of them off, If there is one item that holds it's value it is Lego's. As for Writing Fan-fiction horror, that sounds interesting. I have always wanting to make a movie either Live action, or Animation with the characters I draw, I keep coming up with ideas - I have written the basic story draft, but then I get sidetracked and stop progress.

As for the sickness that has been going around we call it "The Creeping Crud". I have had my share of it last month, it took a while to get over. But I always try to stay positive and if I feel something is coming my way I think "Happy Thoughts" and try to do something fun to counter balance the Crud, sometimes it works other times, well let's just say it drains the life out of you. "Not Fun"

As for the 10 movies for $10, we just got back today from are adventure Here is the list of dust collectors I got. This might get long!
#1 The Victim - (2011) -has Michael Biehn in it has to be good I hope!

#2 Rec 2 (2011) I lost my copy decided to re-buy

#3 The Summer of Massacre (2011) said it has the largest body count?

#4 Kidnapped (2011) "ON MY WANT LIST"

#5 Tales from Earthsea (2006) - Anything from Studio Ghibli has to be good

#6 (2012) - saw the trailer, thought I needed to see it.

#7 The American Dream (2011)

#8 Midnight in Paris (2011)

#9 The Corridor (2012) - Saw trailer looked interesting

#10 Kill List (2012) "ON MY WANT LIST"

#11 Flypaper (2011) - Read the back a month ago, sounded good. "ON MY WANT LIST"

#12 I Saw the Devil (2011)

#13 Dragon Age: Redemption (2012) - Felicia Day sold me on this.

#14 Stake Land (2011)

#15 A lonely place to die (2012) "ON MY WANT LIST"

#16 Night of the demons (2010) want the original, got this in spite.

#17 The New Daughter (2010)

#18 Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue (2011) - Documentary

#19 (500) Days of Summer (2009) - seem to like Joseph Gordon-Levitt movies, He play's in good movies like "Brick" & "The Lookout".

#20 The Divide (2012)

#21 Boy Wonder (2011) - Been wanting to see this, for a $1 I had to get.

#22 Restrepo (2010) - Heard this was a good Documentary.

#23 The Beaver (2011) On Blu-ray - Like Mel Gibson Movies.

#24 In the Valley of Elah (2008) on Blu-ray - I recall like this movie when I watched it a while back.

#25 A Cadaver Christmas (2012) it was either this or Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale? I hope i Chose correctly, but I know I can watch Rare Exports on Netflix?

#26 Puppet Master (Axis Rising) (2012) - Have all the other puppet Master movies had to get this to finish it all off, Haven't seen it but looks rediculas.

#27 Extraterrestrial (2012) - Sounded interesting?

#28 Malice in Wonderland (2009) - Has Maggie Grace in it. So it has to be good. "I hope"

#29 Timer (2010) - Saw this on netflix it as good.

#30 Suck (2010) - Saw this awhile back I remember liking it, Vampires and a rock band.

Not bad for $30.
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Gotta say, sorry if my comments are getting too personal, especially in the last reply. Sometimes, with nearly all your defenses down, you don't know better.

Of those movies, "Night of the Demons" and "Puppet Master: Axis Rising" come to mind. I've been thinking about getting the three original "Night of the Demons" movies at some point, after tracking down all the other `80's movies. Should see them eventually. Have tracked down a lot of obscure stuff and am bound to run out movies at some point. I have the "Puppet Master" boxset, and separately "Axis of Evil" the Part 1 to "Axis Rising." Because the last one ended in a cliffhanger, I want to see "Axis Rising" at some point and complete the collection.

The fan-fiction I wrote were of two varieties. The first was horror sitcom with Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers etc., and I put a lot care and effort to define them as characters we can relate to. It must sound stupid as hell, but I did something with it. It was funny, dramatic, and suspenseful at times with villains, sometimes dressed as Ghostface (from "Scream"), threatening them. Worked on it for five years, and it is likely I should have given up on it a lot sooner. No one was ever going to take it seriously, no matter how much quality and work I put into.

The second variety was fan-made sequels to the "Halloween" series. Closure to H1-2-H20-8 storyline, closure to H1-2-4-5-6 storyline, closure to both storylines at once, and even that "Helloween" ("Halloween" + "Hellraiser") rumor. I provided closure to the series in every possible way, especially bringing both storylines back together and figuring out how to explain every story hole. It felt liberating to do it. I posted two of them on this board last year and they're still here. I resorted to just one series, knowing it was more legally possible, especially with a legal brand of "Halloween" comics in existence. Alas, they don't take outside sources seriously. This chapter was closed a few years ago, and the last two sequels were posted for any fans who still cared. No one writes, draws, paints or creates something and just wants to sit on them forever. They want to share.

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Old 02-23-2013, 03:37 AM
I don't think were are getting to personal mainly talking about are DVD interest and collection, and want lists. Also you have to considering some of the stories I have heard on facebook about people loosing jobs over, and other stuff now that's personal. But you should always be mindful about what is said, there are some crazy people in this world. With that being said the scariest movie in the world, is the one we are living in, because there is crazier things happening everyday and with more people out there. The more crazier the crap you are going to hear in the news and witness. Wow I am getting cryptic.

Anyways back to the subject at hand as for night of the demons yeah I have been after the first one, and if I do see the 2nd and 3rd ones somewhere around town I will get them. As for the Puppet Masters, that brings me to another point, when you own a series, and you buy the last one only to finish the collection even though it isn't any good, I am starting to think I am breaking that habit, I am staying away from the new Resident Evil (didn't like it), even though I have all of the others, I'm avoiding it like the "Creeping Crud". I know there are many others I can add to this, those being the Star Wars 2 attack clones, and the 3rd Who knows? It's best just to own the original 3 and be happy with that. I could probably go on all day about all the sequels and prequels that sucked that I refuse to own.

I should also mention when I was looking through all of those 10 for $10 movies. I kept repeating there are to many movies out there. about 50% of them I haven't even heard of. Which for me I am avidly on the internet looking at movies watching trailers, and always around the new stuff coming in. How is it there are so many I've never heard of. I just kept shaking my head.

As for your fan-fiction stuff. If I can give you any advice about being a graphic artist or any artistic ability, this is something I tell everyone. "Simple Sells" or that's what they like. An example is some of my favorite Art that I have done where I have spent the most time on, and then show someone, they always prefer the stuff I slapped together in a couple of minutes. It makes no sense. If you get board you can check out my website with some of my art work here! please know on my newest works I haven't updated in a long time, Procrastination is my kryptonite.

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Old 02-24-2013, 12:04 AM
I have been much more sequel-heavy with newer franchises than you. Especially the "Saw" series. One of the most amazing franchises to take place in the 2000's. I've always looked forward to seeing every new "Resident Evil" movie, because it is a reliable, if disposable, franchise. It's just a shame the second entry is such a disappointment. Only have the first movie on DVD, and it's not worth getting the first sequel, so getting any further sequels is pointless. Until I get the whole series as a boxset, I won't know how I feel about it. But I did enjoy Parts 3, 4 and 5 in the theaters. As for the newest "Puppet Master," I want to see it because of the cliffhanger ending, but I'm not dying to see it either. Can wait on that.

What's changed about looking for horror movies now is that most of the new ones are released straight-to-video and have no reputations to guide you. In the past, every new movie was reviewed by critics. If you were in a video store, you could identify a movie and recall how well or poorly recieved it was, and figure out for yoruself whether it might be right for you try out. Now, you have no idea what to expect. This is why I stick to older movies. Once in a while, I give the straight-to-video movies a chance, and the results have been mixed. Some average, some mediocre, and some pleasant surprises. Overall though, I'm more interested in any crap from the `70's and `80's than the crap being offered nowadays. I want to see almost everything from that time period I missed out on.

By just writing for the "Halloween" series, I thought I was settling for the "simpler" and more legal approach. But it doesn't matter. I did it for myself and the fans and the much-needed closure first. I can't say I regret doing it; it all felt amazing to pull off. I get your point, though. And that seems to be true sometimes. You may have a grand vision for something, but other people might only be interested in the singles.

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Old 02-24-2013, 12:23 AM
I checked out your website and you do impressive work. You apparently self-taught yourself to draw. Similar story here. I completely disappeared into a fantasy world of fan-fiction and learned to improve my skills over time, provide more depth to characters, and so on. Good job on your part. You should be proud.
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Old 02-24-2013, 02:39 AM
As for the sequels and prequels of stuff, I know there is stuff like "Return of the Living Dead pt. 2" with the fixed soundtrack I am waiting for, which will probably never happen. As for the Resident Evil I really like the 3rd one, its like Mad Max with Zombies. But as for the Latest installment there was just way to much stuff happening and was just getting so overboard. Usually I can forgive somethings but once it reached a certain point I just lost all interest to focus all in on it. But I wonder why people think they need to complete a collection of a certain series of movies even if they know they will never watch that one they hate. (I know this because I have fallen into that trap). I haven't watched my puppet master, but I didn't mind those as long as "the Blade" puppet is in there I will enjoy it, thus the reason for purchasing that one, so that doesn't count LOL. But like Indiana Jone 4 Didn't care for it Flying monkeys, nuked fridge, but still its down in my collection, Like I said I could talk about all my Sequel and Prequels all day so I better stop there. If you like Indiana Jones 4 please don't take offense anyone, Like I say people like what they like.

As for the Saw movies never got into those like so many others did. But I will probably bet that the "Saw" movies kept up with the traditions more then all the Hellraiser's did. I only have 1-4 now, I decided to scrap the 4-8, havn't dare tried to watch the newest installment 9, even though Hellraiser is one of my favorite horror movies, I have very fond memories of me as a 8 year old on the couch watching Hellraiser 3 and how I liked the CD guy, which everyone hates LOL, Heck I was only 8 years old, and something about that I liked, and still do because of my childhood.

As for 70 and 80s stuff yeah there is some good stuff there. When there is so much stuff coming out and how almost anyone can film anything now day's that it's almost a mass overload of Movies. Actually speaking of new stuff there is a new movie coming out called "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)" There is a trailer on IMDB if you have time you should watch the trailer looks interesting? Also do you have the movie the
"Intruder (1989)" that is a really good slasher type movie, I'm sure you have it, but if not you should check it out.

As for your Fan-fiction I can completely understand about Closure, and how you feel about that stuff. Everyone would love to add there own ideas and how they feel that is natural.

As for my artwork glad you checked it out, Yeah I self taught myself. My brother was the artist in the family and I remember asking him to draw this character in a book for me, and he said something like "Screw you, You draw it" and I said "I can't draw", and he said "the only way your going to learn is to start drawing", something about that was like a super light going off in my head, so from then on I did nothing but draw almost all the time, and slowly got better and better. Such is with anything you try to do. So to end that story, now I'm the artist of the family.

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Old 02-26-2013, 12:24 AM
"Resident Evil" is one of the only leftover theatrical series I can consider old-school and reliable. It's from the 2000's, but I'm willing to call it old-school. So, I will be seeing Parts 6 and 7, which will be made back-to-back and supposedly complete the series. Most of the other stuff from the last five years or so are crap and not worth seeing. The "Final Destination" series also comes to mind, as well as the "Wrong Turn" series in the straight-to-video market. Both old-school and mostly reliable.

Same with the "Saw" series, RIP. It was a reason to be alive from 2004 to 2010. Every year a "Saw" movie. The ultimate horror series in the 2000's. It kept to a tradition and stuck to that tradition for better and worse, until enough fans tuned out and they knew they had to end it already. They may have broken some rules and certainly challenged the fans' suspension of disbelief...but by making every movie back-to-back for seven years and sticking to it, they held onto their original vision much stronger than "Hellraiser" did. They planned for eight movies, but had to settle for seven, which is pretty close to their original plan. You're right, the first four "Hellraiser" films are the real deal, regardless of the lower quality in each following sequel. The other sequels, regardless of their differing quality, are not the same.

Funny thing with "Indiana Jones 4." I thoroughly enjoyed it at first, but saw the light later. All four movies play on Christmas day, and when I saw the last one in 2011, I finally saw what others saw. It has its moments and Indy looks good for his age, but some aspects are too silly for their own good. It's not quite the same experience as the first three. I have no issue with bringing Indy up to the 1950's and the alien conspiracy (after the Nazi's in the 1930's and `40's). That aspect is well-handled, but some elements along the way are not. My feelings toward it are mixed now. Not bad, not embarrassing, but different and silly in places.

I do have "Intruder." It stands out in my "Halloween/Friday The 13th" rip-off collection for, obviously, being set in a supermarket. It makes good use of the setting, but the setting alone isn't enough to freshen its overdone premise. Barely above average. Most of the late `80's rip-offs and general slashers barely make above-average and feel less fresh. My recommendation to you would be "Unmasked Part 25" from the same time period. It is a satire of "Friday The 13th," and it's Jason takes off his mask, speaks, quotes classic literature and falls in love with a blind woman. It's the best rip-off/parody/satire to come out of the late `80's. I reviewed both "Intruder" and "Unmasked Part 25" in the Horror Reviews section, along with plenty of other older horror movies.

I had wanted for years to write that closure to the "Halloween" series, but I wasn't ready until 2008, after the "Halloween" remake. If the studio wasn't going to do it, I would have to do it myself. Wrote three "Halloween" sequels plus "Helloween" within two years. Did have the first two sequels (to the H20 and H6 storylines) posted in 2008 for a while. And now, it is the sequel to both storylines and "Helloween" still up and are staying. After that fan-fiction, went to reviewing the older horror movies I collected from horror conventions. On and off. I last reviewed several movies last fall and am burned out at the moment.

You had to start drawing on your own to get it down right and to probably complete the visions in your head. Good for you. In order to make the desired closure for the "Halloween" series possible, I wound up writing that other fan-fiction horror series first and had to learn how to expand my writing. It took time and effort to earn the right and ability to be able to do it. It sounds like you went through similar trials and tribulations.

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Old 02-26-2013, 02:29 AM
As for newer series I really haven't hopped on the band wagon, Considering I stopped with the Resident Evil. I did enjoy the first Paranormal Activity movie, and now there's a 4th. Stopped watching those after the 2nd one fell flat for me, shame. Someday I might watch the 3rd on netflix it's staring at me in my movie queue, along with a bunch of others. I should mention I watch "Supernatural" show, I like that a lot!

As for the Saw movies, I only watched the first one and never went on to watch any others, but from the trailers, like I said I know it kept to its roots more then all the Hellraisers did, just from seeing the trailers alone. It's just something about them I didn't feel I wanted to watch or spend my time watching. I'm sure some of those in the Saw series are good, but I have to feel what I want to watch from the story & type, Trust me I have ran into some good stuff, and some extremely bad movies in doing this, but for some reason I appeal more to Sci-fi Horror then anything else.

As for Indiana Jones 4, When I heard they were doing it I was all on board, like every other Indiana Jones fan. I believe I wrote a review about it on IMDB, read at your own risk under "Predator_Silver"? But I of course had High-hopes for it. I liked how it began I just wish it involved something else, Sure I love Sci-fi and of course I like alien type movies but there was just something off about the Indiana Jones character and Aliens those 2 together just doesn't add up.

Yeah as for the Intruder, I had it on my want list and finally got it and was just coming off me watching it that's why I wrote about it. As for Slasher movies really haven't searched out deep in that field. Besides "Unmasked Part 25" which are some good slasher films, that I have possibly overlooked. I liked "Prowler" and "Intruder".

Yeah as for writing I have done my share of writing into where to take my characters I draw. I mainly started drawing my plot points. That way I could remember exactly where i was coming from visually. As for trials and tribulations you hit the "Nail on the Head There".
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Old 02-26-2013, 03:52 AM
Forgot somethings.
As for the Hellraisers glad you agree on the first 4, they have the re-watch-ability factor for me. I have always been a fan of the Hellraiser's since I was a kid. Funny that my parents let me watch anything I wanted to. I just recall watching Hellraiser every time it was on, any one of them 1-3 seemed to be on the most back then.

Also I should mention I got dragged to Family Video. let's just say someone wanted to go from me telling them about there deal's, and wanted me to tag along, not saying they twisted my arm or anything. But I walked out with 10 movies. Man I swear it's an addiction. Well here's what I got.

#1 Bending The Rules (2012) - saw the trailer looked funny has this wrestler named "EDGE" and Jamie Kennedy. It has bad rap on IMDB sitting at a 4.9. Just watched it and I actually liked it, I have it at 6.5 to 7 /10.

#2 Coriolanus (2011) -Has Gerard Butler in it, has to be good.

#3 Citizen Gangster (2011) - Saw the trailer looks promising??

#4 Mothers Day (2010) - Saw trailer looks good.

#5 Jay and Silent Bob Get Old: Tea Bagging in the UK (2012) - Love all of Kevin Smiths Q & A's so this should be good. With Jason Mewes should be funny. Actually Saw them at a Live Q & A good times.

#6 Vengeance (2009) - Sounded Good

#7 Headhunters (2011) - Sounded good

#8 The Loved Ones (2009) - Looked interesting?

#9 Bounty Hunters (2011) - got suckered by the cover, God I hope this doesn't suck.

#10 Stuck (2007)
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Old 02-27-2013, 06:04 PM
Out of all newer movies series, "Paranormal Activity" is the one I've avoided like the plague. It is completely new-school, has all the new and tiny techno-gadgets gadgets watching for ghosts, and I'm not interested one bit. Most newer movies featuring its teen cast showing off their iTechnology toys I just won't bother with. They are part of the technology that took away video stores, and that still pisses me off. Only a have basic cell phone and this computer, and that'e enough. So, being willing to order movies online really was a challenge for me and the lesser of those other evils. If you enjoy iTechnology or any of that stuff, that's fine. At least it's not being wasted.

"The Prowler" is another good slasher rip-off.

Just like you, I'm feeling the addiction. With eleven days before for the convention and a new list of older movies, I finally looked them up on the website. Looked at what was cheap and settled for four movies. Some of them are $20 which is too much at the moment. Depending on what happens at the convention, I might be able to go nuts on the more expensive movies afterward. The four movies I just ordered are:

-Eyes of a Stranger (1981) - sounds like a really sleazy slasher, but it is another `80's movie and the film debut of Jennifer Jason Leigh. She did a lot of brave roles in the beginning of her career, and not just later on.

-Ice Cream Man (1995) - Have to see this Clint Howard "classic" at some point.

-Pranks (1981) - another slasher rip-off with Daphne Zuniga from "The Fly II" and one of those teen soaps from the 1990's. Never heard of it before, just came across it today.

-The Initiation (1984) - another slasher rip-off and also another one with Daphne Zuniga. Did read about this one before.

The other movies I'm waiting on are:

-Dr. Giggles (1992) - Rented it in the VHS days and should have it.

-The Temp (1993) - One of those "The _____ From Hell" movies set in an office building. Not dying to see it, it doesn't sound great, but comes from the fallout of the of 1980's horror.

-Ticks (1993) - Saw this nature-runs-amuck film in 1990's and haven't forgotten it. It isn't great, but features Cousin Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" playing a thug. That and his fate alone are priceless.

-Sisters (1973) - Margot Kidder in a twins horror-thriller by Brian De Palma.

-The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982) - a Christmas slasher/rip-off.

-Silent Scream (1980) - another slasher rip-off.

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Old 02-27-2013, 07:51 PM
Yeah, No worries about watching the "Paranormal Activity" I have many friends who have showed no interest to watch those either. As for the Itechnology taking away video stores. I hate to say this, but I think you can blame Ebay, Amazon, Red Box's and, Netflix for the vast decline of the video stores. Everyone is into instant this, instant that, "They Want it now"! Kids now days can't wait for things. It's just the way things are. People often ask me why I have all the DVDs I got because you can watch almost all of them on the net. I just say what if all streaming movies cease to exist, then where can you watch those movies. I like having an object to show I have ownership of that item, that is why I collect DVDs, and that I can watch them at any time, and don't have to be tied to the Internet all the time. As for a Cell phone have never owned one, but I might have to look into getting one for business purposes soon. I have been ridiculed for not having one for this long. "They cause Cancer LOL", Everything causes Cancer!

Dude By all means wait for your Convention, that sounds like a good place, how many DVD stands or stores show up to those??

As for the Ice Cream Man (1995) you should of said something there is a great collection on the Low price side, That has that and the movie I like called "The Other Side" which I mentioned it in my "Movies I tell people to watch thread" with it along with 10 others called the 12 Fright Fest Located here!

Thanks for shooting some other movies on there, seen a good chunk of those, the ones that stand out in my mind are Dr. Giggles & Ticks. Funny you should mention Ticks, that was one of the ones I was watching on ebay a couple of times, that was one of the movies I described as getting bids past more then you can get it on Amazon for brand new, makes no sense so I gave up watching that one after a couple of insane bidding frenzies.

Watched a couple of my movies I will stick to only the horror ones I watched

The Loved Ones (2009) - Highly recommended! They spiced some things up in this. 7.5/10

Mothers Day (2010) - didn't like it as much as I thought I would, to many stupid things and situations to forgive, they kept mounting up. 4/10 it's watchable but not a re-watch in my mind.

The Divide (2012) - Not a bad end of the world flick, Michael Biehn is in it. 6.5/10

The Victim - (2011) - Michael Biehn directed this, wasn't to bad, saw the ending coming, which I was hoping it would end that way to throw you for a loop, and it did. 6/10
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Old 02-28-2013, 06:29 PM
Just like you, I am a hunter and prefer to show off trophies. I don't want all entertainment media to be entirely connected to one system one day, with no other options. Yeah, Ebay, Amazon and Redbox are also responsible for the fall of videos. I blame iTechnology, ordering online, and all those things for the loss of video stores. I think they all play a part. The problem is, the stores should have realized what was coming and worked with online businesses to keep both ends as options. My perfect job would have been to manage my own video store. I would have tried contacting the online businesses, and coming to terms that interest the people that prefer to go out and do things and others like to stay inside. But alas, it was cuttroat and we lost. You're seriously lucky to still have Family Video.

I am waiting for the convention. That's why I settled for four of the cheaper movies on my list to get online for the moment. There were more stands for hard-to-find DVD's three years ago than there have been at my particular convention lately. This upcoming one will be the Monster Mania Con 24. That selection shouldn't speak for every separate convention. The Monster Mania Cons held in a different state might have different vendors. With conventions, and everything else in life, things change and the supply-and-demand isn't always the same. I've been disappointed with the con lately, but that isn't a problem anymore now that I got most of the movies on my big list online. Online will be always be there as another resource.

I expect to be getting less movies at this convention and ordering some more online afterwards. More importantly, I might have more money to meet celebrities and get autographs. The Questions/Answers meetings with celebrities and cast reunions are another plus. If you want to read about these events, just scroll down the pages of this board for "Monster Mania Con 22," etc. I've written about them the last two years. The last one was MMC 22 from last August with the "Hellraiser" cast reunion.

So, you've seen "Ticks." What stood out for me was what happens to the thug played by "Cousin Carlton"...

...He dies, but later on, you see his body in the background. The body begins shaking violently and a giant tick comes out of it!...

...Wasn't that cool and hysterical? Or is it my imagination remembering it differently? I hope not. That alone will be worth paying $20 for later. I wound up paying $8.49 plus shipping for "Ice Cream Man," which was cheap enough for me. Any $20 movies can come after the convention.

I used to have the original "Mother's Day" and disliked it. Not interested or entertained by most Troma movies.

Funny story. I recalled reading Daphne Zuniga, from the just acquired "Pranks" and "The Initiation," also being in "The Dorm That Dripped Blood." That's three slasher rip-offs, and I wondered why I never heard of "Pranks" before. I looked through my movie review books and found the answer. "Pranks" is an alternate title for "The Dorm That Dripped Blood." They are the same movie, and it turns out I am getting "Dorm" after all. That's a relief and a wonderful surprise.

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Old 02-28-2013, 11:37 PM
That would be sweet to own a video store, but the up-keep would be tiresome with all the random movies you would need to have. I do notice that the longer lasting places like "CD Tradepost's which are located here in the mid-west deal with Cd's, DVDs, and Games, they seem to be doing well, I kind of forgot about that place I use to go there a lot then just stopped. As for Family Video yeah They seem to be doing things right, They have a bunch of stores all around is what I here. When i go in there, I do see a bunch of foot traffic of people renting stuff, people got to have there movies.

As for the Conventions, Yeah that would be sweet to hit some of those up. Just to listen to the Q/A's among older Horror celebrities and find out stuff. I do watch a lot of Horror documentaries as well as my commentaries, and a lot of those horror icons live off going to those conventions, they get a lot of satisfaction from the fans that it's a rewarding experience for them.

I will check out your Monster Mania Con 22. Also as for your Fan Fiction the Halloween / Hellraiser one interested me, when I finish my brothers book I am reading right now ("Juiced" - the Jose Canseco book about steroids) He tole me I had to read it. Then I will read yours.

As for the "Ticks" I remember very little actually I do remember the Cousin Carlton part you refer to, that was one of the big pay-offs, But I remember Seth Green's Character the most he kept escaping the ticks time and time again. It has been a long time since I saw it. I was wanting to get it just to watch it again because it's been so long. But with the Ebay craziness i decided to hold off and just watch "Arachnophobia" again, and that did the trick, saved me $20 for the time being.

As for "Ice Cream Man" Yeah the 12 fright Fest pack yeah it was $6.91 for 12 movies, I was just wanting to let you know it was out there in a collection. Like I said I have kind of reverted to buying those movie collections like that because it has multiple times to disappoint me. Best collection would have to be the 8 Horror Collection Here. haven't watched the Chud 2 in it yet. But the rest aren't bad. As for the Ghoulies III if you take the Worms from Men in Black and made a movie with them it would be something like this, I couldn't stop laughing at it. As for the Class of 1999 I have enjoyed that since I was young. Chopping Mall is a Cult Classic and should not be missed. All of them are watchable Its a good collection I actually got it off amazon A while back for $5, they raised the price now but it's worth it for that and more. Has the Uncut version's of Slaughter High. As for 976 Evil 2 the scene with "It's A Wonderful Life" is only only good thing about that one. The Unholy ain't bad either.
Also another good collection is this Horror Collection 2: 6 Movies Here. Includes the films Blood Diner, Parents, Earth Girls Are Easy, Sundown, Fido and Boy Eats Girl.

As for the Troma movies they are to over the top and sprinkled with cheese. I know that was the "remake" of mother's day that I watched, I don't think Troma had anything to do with this version except selling the rights probably? I do know if I did watch the original Troma's Mother's Day it would be a mixed cheese bowl. As for Troma movies I did watch one called "There's Nothing out there" which wasn't to bad, but there are to many unwatchable Troma movies out there.

As for Pranks and The Dorm That Dripped Blood, yeah I was going to say something about them being the same movie, because when I looked up each one the same movie popped up. Funny when that stuff happens.
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Old 03-02-2013, 08:09 PM
Be Grateful for your Family Video. With my serious stores gone, I finally had to open my mind to ordering online.

The Q & A's at the conventions are hit or miss depending on what interests me. By now, I've seen enough of all the Jason stuntmen or their targeted heroines reuniting. Meeting half of those stuntman for autographs was nice. The recent "Hellraiser" cast reunion was the most interesting Q & A to come in a while. You don't want to just get new DVD's, you want some kind of human experience to remember the events by. I remember being at the Q & A for the "Halloween" remake when Rob Zombie lied through his teeth.

Take your time with your brother's book.

Just like you, I don't remember that much from "Ticks," except for cousin Carlton's contribution. That and Clint Howard. I don't recall it being particularly good, but it doesn't matter, it belongs on my shelf with the nature-runs-amuck movies. And Seth Green is in it, too? This will definitely be interesting to watch again.

"Ghoulies III" is indeed hilarious. It is a college comedy with the Ghoulies and couldn't be more entertaining.

"Chopping Mall" is entertaining. And on that note, it turns out the just-acquired "The Initiation" is set in a mall. That's one more movie to join "Chopping Mall" and "Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge" (which is average and features a young Pauly Shore and Ken Foree).

Some of the lesser slashers like "Slaughter High," "Return to Horror High, "Prom Night 3/4" I'm holding off until I've seen everything else. I've seen some really silly slashers and don't want to waste my time with those yet. Speaking of silly, the two Troma movies I do have are "Graduation Day," a silly and average slasher rip-off, and "Christmas Evil," weird and underrated christmas horror. That remains the best Troma movie I've seen. And "Mother's Day" is the worst, although probably not the worst of their lot. As with my old-school mentality, I'm not going to bother with its remake.

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Yes of course I am grateful for the DVD stores that we have, I visit them from time to time and of course end up walking out with something I thought I needed.

As for the Q & A's, Yeah I love to listen to Kevin Smith's Q&A's they are so funny, his first "An Evening with Kevin Smith" on DVD had me in tears laughing at the "Superman" and "Planet of the Ape's" bit. If you haven't seen any of his "An Evening with Kevin Smith" you are missing out. He is a hell of a story teller, and talk about his time working with certain actors, and other Hollywood gossip! The Hellraiser cast reunion you speak of, would of liked to have been there for that. Speaking of Hellraiser's I just watched 1-4. As for the 2nd installment Hellbound, it's a shame how easily "Pinhead" when out like a little Bi+(h, along with all the other Cenobites, "I know from the Commentary"- the Director & Writer try to convince me and them selves that because of there fragile state after Kristy's character confronts them, it somehow weakens them. When I think of "Pinhead" the only weapon I see that can hurt him is "The Box". Maybe it's just my investment in my mind of where I got "Pinhead" and how I would like to stamp my own view of him.

As for Ticks yeah I hope I will run into that on the cheap side somewhere. I have a feeling I will find it, or it will find me. Yeah it has been ages since I last saw it, but I recall it appealed to me. That was at the time when VHS tapes were so expensive you had to take out a lone to buy them.

Yeah the only down side to that 8 disc collection is no bonus features, I know the single version of "Chopping Mall" has a commentary track which I would love to listen to.

As for the Troma movies yeah there consistency. Well there is none I should say, it's kind of a no-holds-barred of craziness most of the time. I have actually been buying a bunch of "Full Moon" Movies for some reason a lot of there stuff appeal's to me, like all the Puppet Masters (Still haven't watched the Latest Installment I got of that). I hate to admit it but I enjoyed their "Head of the Family" a little to much, I think it was the Hottie "Jacquelin Lovell". As well as "Lurking Fear" and "Sideshow" both are enjoyable for what they are. There were "5 Full Moon movies in that 20 Horror Collection I got, another was "Seedpeople" I watch which wasn't as bad as everyone says it is. But after watching those I decided to purchase some more Full Moon movies off the net 2 day's ago, Some I have already seen, and others I am taking some chances on. Those are "Trancers 1-3", "Doll Man Collection", "Mandroid', "Bad Channels", "Dark Angel - The Ascent", "Arcade", "Robot Wars / Crash and Burn", and "Doctor Mordrid: Master Of The Unknown".
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I'm not into Kevin Smith's niche of humor. Haven't seen his films. I'll see newer comedies in theaters from time to time when a change of pace is in order. And last year, I finally caught up with "The Breakfast Club," "Sixteen Candles," "Adventures in Babysitting" and other John Hughes comedies on DVD. It was long overdue to see them. Other than that, I respond more to action and horror. Comedy on TV is another regular change of pace, like "The Big Bang Theory," "Conan" and other shows. You can't just watch horror and dark material all the time.

When you get around to reading my the MMC 22 thread, you'll be able to read all about the "Hellriaser" cast reunion. I wrote a lot about that and the other events.

I was never more confident in my life when I wrote my fan-fiction sequels, and I definitely think you'll find something to like "Helloween." It follows the "Halloween 6" storyline and the first three "Hellraiser" films, and more importantly returns to the seriousness of the first two "Hellraiser" films. It is primarily about the "Halloween" characters trapped in the same Hell from "Hellraiser II," with Michael lurking around in any hallway or corner, and features a short but sweet fight between Michael and Pinhead.

Yes, the way Pinhead went out in "Hellraiser II" was weak. Remembering who he used to be was one thing, but he should have had more power against that doctor cenobite. When human Pinhead's throat is cut, and Doug Bradley gurgles, that may have been his worst acting and only example of bad acting to date.

I wound up seeing "Ticks" on TV so long ago. It must have been cut, but that didn't matter back then. It was still decently entertaining.

Full Moon is one more studio I tread carefully. I got the "Puppet Master" boxset signed by Charles Band himself. Met him at a convention. Also have the three "Dollman" and "Demonic Toys" films. The original "Dollman" is the best of the bunch and the "Demonic Toys" creatures are just plain silly. That's about it with Full Moon. With the boxset came a DVD with trailers for all their films and most of them look extremely silly. Expecially silly was "The Gingerdead Man." Couldn't even finish watching it.

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As for Kevin Smith movies you don't have to watch any of his movies to understand his Q&A's. I will just tell you your missing out. I have gotten everyone of my friends hooked on that, and most of them didn't even know who he was or watch a single one of his movies.

As for your MMC22 thread I just read it earlier today, I had some things to say about it. first is the "Suncoast" you speak of, I only got to go to that store twice because they were so far away from where I live, but I remember it having a great selection. As for places now you can check out for movies is "Pawn Shops" around your area.

Also saw you purchased "Razorback" I was wanting that for the longest time, then I purchased it and watched it, and instantly sold it. I wished it was better then the clips I saw. Also saw you picked up Phenomena (1985) great choice there. Also like that you got "Highway to Hell" (1991) If I ever run into a copy of that I will get it, I remember watching that all the time when I was younger. Also another one you got was Mr. Hush, I saw that at my Family video for $2 is that any good??

Please know that when I talked about only keeping my Hellraiser 1-4, I did not read your MMC22 thread, I see you like them as well. I completely agree that the 3rd one is very underrated, I recall watching that one a lot when I was little. As for Andrew Robinson not being in Hellraiser 2 he talks about it on the bonus feature of Hellraiser 20th anniversary edition. He was up for doing it, but when he asking for the same amount of money he got for doing the first, they didn't want to do that. It sounded like a principle matter.

As for arriving 5 hours before the MMC22 opened, that dedication. You should invest in a Portable DVD player that way you can watch movies while you are waiting in the car, you can get them cheap now days.

Also cool to see you got Tom Savini's autograph and got to meet him. Also glad to see you don't care for the "walking dead", you aren't missing much there.

As for the Hellraiser Q&A Reunion, that's crazy Ashely Laurence wasn't at it considering she was there. Also a bummer Clive Barker didn't show up due to being ill. If you enjoyed that you should give a listen to the Hellraiser commentary tracks they share a lot of in site to the movie, if you haven't already.

As for Carl Weathers Q&A, yeah I would of hit that up, not that Predator is my favorite movie, also like him in the Rocky's of course. But to my story I was out of town drinking at a bar, and actually ran into some family members of his. Then we got to talking about him, and they said he will always regret passing on the role of Jules in "Pulp Fiction" they told me he still lingers on that. I told them he shouldn't think about that, granted that movie is huge, but I said something inspirational about him being in my favorite movie "Predator", and watch that way more the Pulp Fiction.

Back to this thread. Yeah when I read your Halloween / Hellraiser fan-fiction. I will let you know what I think when I finish it? Only if you want me to that is?

As for Pinhead in #2 I know I'm nit-picking. I should say it does show how strong the character or how popular the character is to the fans that he came back in 3, and well all the rest of the Hellraisers.

As for Full Moon movies, something about the ones I did see appealed to me, I can't explain it. Yeah there are of course some exceptions like the "Gingerdead Man" which that Collection is actually at our CD Tradepost here, don't have any plans to get that or watch that one well I should say the 3 they made. But mind you there is someone in this world, that is there favorite movies and series. As for the Full Moon stuff I just purchased the ones I knew and the ones that sounded the most interesting, Can't wait to see them when they get here. As for Charles Band signed box set of Puppet Master, I slapped in my new Puppet master to watch and it. I instead watched a Videozone option so I only watched that for the time being - and it was Charles Band talking about this is the first Puppet Master X (10): Axis Rising that he directed. He said something about being the creator of Puppet Master and it was strange that he hasn't directed one so now he has. He also talked about new Full Moon Movies to come and that they are making the sequel to "Head of the Family" actually I laughed at that. It will be called "The Bride of Head of the Family" if I recall. Also they had the trailer of "Killjoy goes to Hell" I know this Killjoy character seems to be some killer clown guy? But this 4th installment is him standing trial in Hell which looked over the top but very interesting, I'm sure the trailer of it is on youtube, I have never seen any of the Killjoy stuff so I'm not sure. The only think I know is there are 3 killjoy movies and then this new 4th one of him going to hell.

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I was very nostalgic when I wrote about the MMC22 event, perhaps too much. But it's true, that magical feeling upon entering a Suncoast Video, is multiplied upon entering a convention.

"Razorback" was average. Some nice touches but very rough around the edges. "Highway to Hell" is certainly fun and entertaining. Got "Phenomena primarily to replace the VHS. Have to replace the VHS movies at some point. Agreed, it is fantastic. "Mr. Hush" sucks. Don't bother. I reviewed all the movies picked up from this convention in "The Video Store" thread in the Horror Reviews forum if you want to see how they turned out.

I wasn't under the impression that you did read the MMC22 threat yet. I was just telling you there was a lot of trivia taken from that Q & A. This may have been the most detailed account of a convention I ever wrote. Interesting that Andrew Robinson's absense was just disagreement over money.

I arrive early on Friday, because I would rather not wrestle for a parking spot. In August, it's hot, and sitting in the restaurant all that time was the best idea. This being March, I should be able sit in my car and relax. Not too warm, not too cold. I also realize now I could arrive later and park in the lot belonging to the office building next door. But I'm going to arrive early, park in the main lot, sit in my car, read the movie reviews and newspaper, and so on. It's relaxing and peaceful. Five hours in the car is nothing. It's the week before that's tough.

However, looking at the events and likely Q & A's, I am not looking forward to it as much. It's probably just going to Friday for the hard-to-find movies. One Q & A appears to be a FvJ cast reunion. I like FvJ, but I'm over it. There are a handful of Jason stuntmen and actors, such as Kane Hodder, Steve Dash (Part 2), C.J. Graham (Part 6) and Larry "Shelly" Zerner from F13 Part 3. Have met Graham and Dash, Hodder's line is always long, but Zerner might be an interesting celebrity to meet.

I'm admit, it will nice to get some feedback on "Helloween." I got a single reply for the H6/H20 sequel and that fan felt it was amazing. Other than that, I just have a large viewcount over time, especially in October, to go by and I am confident that at least most of those fans enjoyed it and went along with its ideas. Whether you end up liking "Helloween" or not, you can be honest. I want the positive or negative feedback.

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I was probably nitpicking by noting Doug Bradley's one moment of bad acting in "Hellraiser II." Bradley was the right actor for the part, Pinhead is a different and unique horror icon, and "Hellraiser" is a special horror among the many franchises to come come out of the `80's.

It's nice to meet at least one celebrity at the event to remember it by, and I hope Larry Zerner is there on Friday.

Good news, the cold is gone already. The familiar symptoms were brief and that was it. I knocked it out of my system with Dayquill, Nyquill, orange juice/ginger ale, and Power Aid. Was able to go back to the gym and everything. Just gotta stay out of the cold for the next for few days.

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Nothing wrong with being nostalgic for the Convention I would be too.

As for Mr. Hush, the cover reminded me of 'Trick r Treat", so I thought it might be good like that. Then my senses came to me that they just copied the cover to sucker me into getting it. I guess i dodged a bullet there.

As for Razorback I decided it didn't deserve a spot in my collection I did like some of the visuals of the flick, but it was a mess. As for VHS that was something I never got into like I have DVDs I count that as a blessing. I believe I only have 1 VHS tape "The Park Is Mine" with Tommy Lee Jones. I recall DVDs of that move were expensive when I looked for it years ago.

As for Andrew Robinson the money issue I think got to him and the reason that they wouldn't do that because of the success of the first one got to him. He also did mention the Script for Hellraiser 2 was crap, but lingered more toward them not paying him the same.

As for a getting a good parking spot there, if that's what it takes then by all means, you got to do it.

FvJ reunion that sounds interesting. As for everyone wanting to see Kane of course he's in a slew of stuff that I have seen (and I'm sure everyone else in his line). Also my friend talks about him from time to time.

As for Nit-picking on Hellrasier 2, It's a mess of a movie if you think about it. Heck even the director in his commentary said so time after time. But I still like it or course but there are parts I could take and leave with it. As for the Cut in the throat scene yeah it's redonculas. Heck it's not like we can go in and change it, well I guess you can. I do hear about all those Fan edits of the Newer Star Wars movies people do. Heck there might already be a Hellraiser 2 fan edit.

Of course you at least need to walk away with a autograph of someone and a story.

As for getting over the Creeping Crud, that's always A joyish occasion.
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The cover art for "Mr. Hush" was tempting, having not known of "Trick r Treat." It seemed like the right idea to give a new movie a chance. Even got the DVD signed by the director and one of the stars. It wound up being the first movie of the new batch to watch...and oh my gosh. It starts out very low-budget and decent at best. But then it gets worse, and worse, and even more horribly worse by the end. It made every movie to follow look miles better in comparison. You have dodged a bullet.

I kept "Razorback." It being a killer pig movie, belongs on the nature-runs-amuck shelf.

So, did you get rid of your VHS as soon as DVD's came along, or too young for VHS? With a still-working VCR and certain movies still on VHS, I kept it. It would still be reliable for another decade. And it would take time for every movie to arrive on DVD. Now, my VCR is almost finished and I'm looking to replace it, because I don't want to replace every VHS on DVD.

Andrew Robinson also thought the script was crap? That might go along with the rumor that he felt it was too bloody and disturbing. The second "Hellraiser" is better put-together than some movies that definitely aren't. Just thinking of how it originally played out with Kirsty Cotton possibly finding her father in Hell, that could have been something.

I don't mind not having Kane's autogragh. Having seen him at a number of Q & A's is enough. He played a good Jason, but C.J. Graham from Part 6 is my favorite. He did the zombie Jason thing first. However, having seen FvJ enough times over the years, part of me wishes Kane got his way and played Jason in it. Jason was unusually laid back and not as tough or intense.

FvJ will be ten years old this summer. I've changed a lot since then, and FvJ isn't that important anymore. Although it turned out remarkably good, after being in the making for so many years. Until I know what the Q & A's are, we'll see.

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Old 03-08-2013, 07:51 AM
The Mr. Hush movie when I read the back, something about it didn't seem right. Now you have a Signed Copy of it. Is that a good thing??

Yeah Razorback, I did like the dark fog tones of that movie. Just wish it was better, I guess its just hard to watch, not something you watch on a consistent basis. If you get a chance you should watch "ROGUE" with the giant crocodile that shocked me at how good that was, very underrated movie. I should include that in my "Movies I tell people to watch" I always for get about it.

As for VHS, we use to just copy are movies to VHS, we had 2 systems to do a straight copy, or use one and copy movies off the TV. We had around 100+ of them (We could of made more), but VHS take up a lot of space. We eventually sold them all at a garage sale for $.25 or $.50 cents each not sure which one. But I will never forget when we got "First Blood" on DVD, and the part when he takes out the cops in the forest, it was so clear. Compared to are VHS copy it was pitch black dark. That's when we knew this DVD stuff was the real deal. Let's just say it hooked us.

Andrew Robinson - yeah he thought the script was crap, and then talks about them not wanting to pay him the same as the first. He didn't mention anything about it being to bloody or disturbing. As for Hellraiser 2 yeah its put together well given the circumstances and troubles that happened with Andrew Robinson not coming on board, so they had to change it up on the fly. Which when you think about it what would Andrew Robinson "Larry" character be doing in hell to begin with? I think it actually works better with "Franks" character tricking Kristy there.

As for who you should meet there? You meet who ever influences you, or inspires you the most, or you just like that character he played that was the most remember able to you. Someone that appeals to you and what you like to see. If I could meet anyone at a horror convention it would probably be Bruce Campbell. Don't get me wrong I would like to meet Doug Bradley also, I have grown up with Hellraiser since I was little.

As for FvJ, yeah for a vs movie yeah it turned out very well. I haven't seen that again in a long time. I was actually talking about that with a friend, about who won, and how it ended. I seemed to be the only one who remembered anything. Jason with Freddy's head, and then it winks.

Also on another note went on a buying spree of DVDs on the Net, as well as at the Stores around town here. I finally decided to look at Arrows Movie reviews and wrote down all of his 3 1/2 to 4 star movies, which I noticed a lot of the ones he marked, were ones I like a lot and own. You could say the same taste's. So I wrote down all the ones I haven't seen or heard of and went searching and got a raft of movies. I will just talk about one of them which is fresh on my mind its Surveillance (2008) starring Bill Pullman, Julia Ormond. So when this movies started out, I would say 5 to 10 minutes in, I had a great Idea for a movie. I was about to write it down but I decided to wait till after this movie was over. I had it all thought out about how it would be crazy to do a movie like this. Then out of nowhere this movie went the exact way I thought of. Then it ended almost exactly as I thought. Which was a shocker! It's a good movie, in the fact that I would of wrote something like this movie.

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"Mr. Hush" is definitely an example of not doing my homework when I should have. I had been on my computer all week before that convention and wanted to give it a break during the weekend. It doesn't matter if the DVD is signed. I survived it and it will stay on my average-and-below shelf to serve as an example of the worst movies. There are some atrocious movies being made today and some atrocious ones from the `80's as well.

I do have "Rogue" and it is one of the best giant-animal movies of the 2000's.

I get that some DVD's are so much clearer than VHS. If it's VHS and full screen, I don't mind. It's nice to watch a VHS from the 90's like an MGM one with montage previews, "MGM means great movies." So amazingly nostalgic and better, compared to forced previews on DVD's you may be unable to skip. And if you know you've watched a lot DVD's lately, you can give the DVD player a break and watch a VHS.

That's true, why would a good but naive man like Larry Cotton be doing in Hell? The only reason I can imagine such a thing is if the cenobites played a trick and Kirsty realizes the father she finds is an imposter.

You're right, the celebrities you want to meet are the ones who inspire you from the movies. But there are some random ones I met like Lance Guest from "Halloween II," "The Last Star Fighter" and "Jaws The Revenge." I personally met him to speak on behalf of "Jaws 4" being a little underrated and having better acted dramatic scenes than it deserves - when you put aside the fake-looking shark. And guess what? He agreed to star in the movie, because of the script. Anyway, I did meet someone big and important at the convention yesterday and it was Kane Hodder after all.

I remember members on this board getting so technical about who won in FvJ. I felt Jason delivered the fatal blow, the girl only decapitated a dying Freddy (and didn't interfere), Freddy was sent back to his dreamworld, and Jason was still alive at the end. Jason sunk back into Crystal Lake to rest and it was over. He won. Others feel that Jason sunk back into the lake and died, and the match wasn't over, and vice versa. It goes on.

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