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Posion In Paradise


Okay l was watching a series called Sunday night and l was saddened and surprised what this 19yr old boy went through
As you will see from this link this boy went on a holiday to Bali with some freinds
The decided to go to a little island off Bali where they went to a bar which in many cases is a normal experiece well he bought him self a drink it was a vodka and lime and he thought well since it was sold at a bar it would be okay to drink

Well he met a cadnaian girl as well he also had his freinds around

The threee of them had vodka and lime and well enjoyed the night the next day they came down with blurred vision and terrible headaches well during that day they went around and still enjoyed themselves until around 5pm where the 19yr old boy and the girl and his freind had problems

Well the girl got onto it quickly and well his freind had not drank so much but the 19yr old had a few

Well he complained that he was ill and the freinds thought he was joking until he started fitting and shaking

What they found out at the hospitol was he had bleeding on the brain and well the other symtoms of blurred vision and headaches too

He died and because the hospitol in Bali didnt know what was happening he was flown back to Perth Australia where the doctor asked his freind waht he had to drink

There must have been other cases of the same thing happening

Well waht they found out was he had methonol posionig meaning the vodka had anti freeze in it

IN Bali there is alot of under ground brewerys run by people and before they used to drink it in a local way and now they are putting in bars across Bali
mainly in vodka bottles
This stuff kills you if you drink it

There are people who are trying to make money out of this because well in Bali and in some other asain countrys they dont earn much

So l would like to know waht you guys think of this and plus l will put the clip of the experiece the parents went through

it is very sad


Well here is the clip l would like your opinion on this

Oh and also there was no investigation into this and the parents went over to bali and asked for one
On the local news tonight there is going to be abit more added to this as soon as l get it

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For fuck's sake! Bali again. I hate to be a king prick here, but I will anyways. His first and biggest mistake was going to Bali in the first place. Everything else falls into place after that one act of stupidity. Why in fuck's name would anyone in their right mind want to go to that shit hole? People don't fucking learn. This is simply terrible story. And what's even more tragic is the fact that he is a drop in the ocean when it comes to incidents like this. He wasn't the first, and he certainly won't be the last. I would rather eat dirt than go to places like Bali. Remember the Bali bombing? Nice place to visit, no? Next...
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Well that is true there is more people like this boy who have visited this country and have been caught up in something or other

I know when my brother and his wife went for a holiday over there you had to be careful you didnt go way out of town because ypu have people over there who will steal or do other things to you plus my brother also saw bali soldiers with guns so yes l think you have to be careful over the eplus you have the religous groups who dont like western people do you remember when one of the bali hotels was bombed and we lost 188 aussies and the ones who did survive were burnt and hadterrible scars

But getting back to this vodka that has been lased with Metholol or anti freeze is another name they call it silly western people are told to be careful what they should eat and drinkl but you would think that going to a pub would be alright but it isnt

I agree with you why do people go there l think it is because it is a cheap holiday where if you go overseas you are paying a mint
I think people from now on should be careful and take notice of this clip and look waht happened to this boy when we are young all we want to do is have fun but you see you have to always have your wits about you
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