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Nick Cage Career Advice

It's sad to how far his star has fallen. His movies are generally crap now. I guess they usually don't go off quietly in the sunset...most stars continue working in whatever they can get.

I think it's time for Nick Cage to make the jump to TV. I can see him playing one of those Sherlock clones in a police/PI procedural, a family man with a dark past, lead in a CSI, FBI agent, gifted but troubled medical doctor, etc. There are many successful examples of film actors making the jump to TV.
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I'll buy that. I would have him be corrupt or even a regular antagonist on the show. He falls short being the hero in films. But in films like 8MM, Matchstick Men, or Lord Of War, where he ranges from a flawed personality to downright broken, he seems to do well.

He just tends to make bad choices so often when looking for work and the resulting products reflect that. Movies like National Treasure and The Sorcerer's Apprentice are examples of this. When he has the right part, he can do so much with it. I think he needs to be more selective in picking his projects.
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He will keep pumping out bad movies until he pays off his IRS debt. He is not the leading man he used to be and won't get great roles anymore. He should go the route of quality roles and no more fluff
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Originally Posted by jeo4 View Post
I would have him be corrupt or even a regular antagonist on the show.
I'll buy that too ... if Nic Cage can do 1 thing with godlike abilities , it's looking like a crazy dude. Moriarty 1 - Holmes 0
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He needs to do a Bad Lieutenant tv show spinoff on HBO. Just make him a bad cop in a different part of the country doing drugs and getting in mischief every episode and it will be ratings and awards magic.
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Cage has been incredibly inconsistent for sure. But he'll occasionally do something cool like Kick Ass, and I know I'm in the minority but I really enjoyed Seeking Justice.

What he needs to do is another one of those National Treasure movies. They are popular, do well at the box office, and I really enjoy those movies.
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Once his bill is paid up with the IRS and he has a little in the bank I would (if I were him) do 1 film per year. I would swap out every other year too. 1 year an independent, next a big blockbuster style, next year maybe a real serious drama flick. Take back my career with one good choice per year and go out on a high note.
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A few days ago, I watched Bringing Out The Dead for the first time in years. It really is pretty sad what his career is today. He can be a great actor when he wants to be, but not often enough for me to care about him anymore.
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I would take his career in a heartbeat. You know how hard it is to get to his level of employment in the movie acting business?

Shit, man. Maybe he's in crap flicks, but he's IN crap flicks!
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This explains everything.
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My youngest boy got Ghost Rider 2 for Xmas - I can never unsee that. The first one was bad, the second made me feel like I'd done something horribly wrong and my punishment was to watch that unspeakable shit.
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Originally Posted by Badbird View Post
God I love that haha
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He'll turn it around.


Ghost Rider: Urinating Fire Was A Poor Choice
National Treasure: You'd Watch Another Sequel, Right?
Face/Off Again, Then Back On


KickMYAss (you wish, I'm Nicholas Cage)
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Nic Cage needs to take a break and re-think his career. Somehow its like he feels the need to keep going and going , so he accpects all these crappy action type movies. Due to his choices, he has fallen out of the good grace of good movie roles.
If he wants to make a good comeback, he needs to take a few risks and get roles in "safe" movies in order to get himself back into the A/B list status again. This doesnt mean he should be in sequels of his sucessful movies. but he needs to focus his choices.
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Well, I think one of the main reasons he's taken so many roles recently is to pay off these crazy debts. He lived a very lavish life for years, and eventually got himself in serious trouble. I'd like to see him do a third "National Treasure".
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I would like to see him shave his head. He ever do that before? I believe it was super short in Kiss of Death. He needs a new look. Play some bad guys
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