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A North Korean Clip that Depicts the USA in a bad way


Okay we all know that North Korea gets up to some strange things but as you will see form this slip which really should have been removed shows a area of USA being attacked

I would like your opinion on this and it seems strang that they would do something like this but as the case on alot of things people do try and scare munger others but l feel that why would they want to have a game like this

The game was taken off youtube as soon as officals found out

Anyway have alook at the clip and please give a opinion on waht you think of all of this
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Hilarious! In all honestly who really gives a shit what the North Koreans think, say, or do? I for one don't. They do some strange things? They are strange... period.
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The clip was taken down due to a copyright claim by Activision lol

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North Korea is an awful and uber-boring place. I hardly find any of this surprising.
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Well l am sure they want to do a another nucluer test with another rocket and by sending this stupid clip by youtube is stating that they are strong
When l was watching the clip it took along time to see where that rocket was going to fire and well as you would have seen there was the american flag that suddeny showed up
I seen it go past Australia God of War and maybe they think we a re nice down under grins

But you are all right these North Koreans are a weird lot and very controled by the president
Have you all seen the soldiers marsh they are never out of line
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