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DOJ going after Standard and Poor's


It is about fucking time! If S&P and Moody's did not value all those shit funds and stocks and ect so high (aaa) all governments and many others would not have invested and lost so much money on the stock market. S&P is a main key element of why we had this huge problem. I want to know who sold us all out!
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This is good news people! Maybe people will attempt to save their own skins and give up the scum on Wall Street who fucked us all! I can dream.
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Yeah I'm sure many a wrist will be red from the slapping. IF we're lucky.

If this leads to ACTUAL criminal charges against some financial institutions then I'm all for, but I've been burnt before. Seriously, someone (or someones) besides just Bernie Madoff need to be occupying a couple federal fuck-me-in-the-ass prison cells. Tll then color me unimpressed.

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