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Stallone - good/bad?

I remember seeing an article about how Stallone is the worst actor on the planet. I think this is totally unfair. I mean this guy was nominated for an academy award for Rocky as "BEST ACTOR."

Sure he's been in some stinkers, but I've always liked him and his movies and is a much better actor than anyone gives me credit for.

He out-acted De Niro and Keitel in Copland, his breakdown at the end of First Blood was really moving and he's given a characters like Rocky or Rambo real depth, where they could have just been caricatures.
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Got to be honest his stuff over the last few years has been really poor, but before that his back catalogue has been pretty good.

Copland is one of my favorite films and he is excellent in that.

1 thing about him is he knows how to bring in an audience.
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Not a great actor, but not a bad one either. I think he just got typecast in action hero parts instead of doing in-depth acting, like in Rocky.

He was good in Copland as well, playing totally against type as a doormat who everyone chews out during the course of the film.

I even found him funny in Oscar, a movie no one seems to like which I find underrated.

For a great Sly moment, I always turn to the speech Rocky gives to his son in Rocky Balboa. A great emotional moment and very well delivered.
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lol I thought I was having deja vu.

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