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In Skyfall, Cover up to start new agency

Does anyone think it was all a cover to begin with? In the beginning of the show, "M" was told she was being replaced for letting all the names for MI6 to be leaked. Maybe she never really died.... It was just a cover for her being replaced, and Bond starting a new agency with his new boss, reason being, so it can all be top secret again.

I think "M" told the chick to shoot bond to go ahead and get him off the list of agents and make him look like he was already dead.

And nobody except "M" said bond was ready to start going on missions again. So this mission was a trial mission for him to get him ready to start with his new mission. At the end of the movie before "M" dies she says "at least i got this one right" meaning she was right that bond was ready to be back on missions. was bond crying because he knew this was his last mission with her???

Isnt funny how at the end of the show, its only the chick that shot bond, "m" side kick, and new boss, asking bond if he was ready to get back out there......
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cover up

Also, at the end, before bond walks into the office, the guys says, "they're ready for you" and they are only one person in the office. Bond then grabs his paper work and says thanks "m". who was the they're that they were talking about.... I believe "M" is still running the show and the other guy is handing down orders.
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I'm sorry, but I'd be pretty pissed if Judi Dench was still alive after the emotional conclusion the film left off with. Besides, Bond standing on top of the rooftop with the one item M left behind for him solidifies her death.
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