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Roger Ebert Passes Away

RIP Roger.

I have agreed and disagreed with him over the years, but whether it was his written reviews or his debates with Siskel and Roeper, he was always great at conveying his thoughts about movies and was one of my favorite critics. He will be missed.
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I just saw that on IMDB.. This news makes me incredibly sad. I didn't always agree with him but I always respected him. A huge loss

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Shit. RIP.
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There are no sufficient words. This is a great loss. Watch a great movie and toast Roger tonight.
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Highly influential film critic and a terrific writer in general. Didn't always agree with him but I definitely feel a little emptier today. RIP Roger.
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Never did like the guy, thought his reviews were off the majority of the time. RIP though.
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As far as I'm concerned, he's the greatest film critic there ever was or ever will be. Was very sad when his show left the air.

The other day, when it was reported that his cancer had returned, I made a post stating that I don't think he'll be with us much longer. That was less than 24 hours ago! I never expected it to be so soon!

RIP Rog!
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When I was in the tenth grade, I read his Great Movies multiple times. I made a point to see every film on the list and even had a Word document charting my progress. I would refresh his website at midnight every second Sunday because that's when he would add another movie to his collection. Even though my tastes veered wildly from his over the years, I still owe him much for introducing me to the artier side of cinema. This is a legitimate loss and I will miss reading his reviews of movies I never intended to see, so interested I was in his opinion.

My plan for tonight was to catch Psycho---one of his favorites---downtown at the Gene Siskel Film Center but I think I'll just stay in and watch Gates of Heaven.

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R.I.P. to the greatest film critic there ever will be.
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R.I.P Roger Ebert
I remember watching At the Movies and being so envious of Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel for getting to watch all of the movies good or bad first.I valued his opinion and will miss going to his website every Friday morning and reading his reviews.My heart goes out to his wife Chaz Hammelsmith Ebert who stood by his side and loved him very much

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He will be greatly missed!

He and his reviews will be greatly missed! my heart goes out to his family and friends. I always looked to reading his reviews every Friday.

a very sad "leave of presense" post that he did earlier this week:

I must slow down now, which is why I'm taking what I like to call "a leave of presence."

What in the world is a leave of presence? It means I am not going away. My intent is to continue to write selected reviews but to leave the rest to a talented team of writers handpicked and greatly admired by me. What's more, I'll be able at last to do what I've always fantasized about doing: reviewing only the movies I want to review.

So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you at the movies.
- Roger Ebert

His last review was the 2013 film 'THE HOST'..of which he gave 2.5 stars
review is here:http://rogerebert.com/apps/pbcs.dll/...IEWS/130329980

I give his life and career a TWO THUMBS UP !

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I thought he was a terrible movie critic who just happened to be around at the right time - with a well-timed TV show - that made him more relevant than he would have been at any other time. He was inconsistent and many times his opinions for one movie over another almost exactly the same was odd, to say the least.

With that said, he had a passion for film. He loved to watch movies, and he seemed like a well meaning PERSON. These, to me, are important and because of that it's a sad day.
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We lost a good one folks. Sad to see him go.

But at least he's now up in Heaven with Siskel and they can review movies up there.

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RIP. I have had always enjoy his columns and his tv show. I also enjoy his commentary on casablanca
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His reviews are usually awesome but the only review I disagreed with was his review of Fight CLub.

He blasted it for being like violent macho porn. Totally disagree there.
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When I saw that interview he gave to some high-profile magazine a few years ago (Vanity Fair, I think?) in which he said he was 'dying in increments,' I figured he only had a few years left in him.

Either way, he was probably the most influential film critic of the last 40 years, despite some occasional WTF opinions on some great films (you HATED "A Clockwork Orange" and "Raising Arizona"? Really, Roger? ). And it's a little ironic that both he and his longtime colleague Gene Siskel fell prey to cancer.

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Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel were the first movie critics that i followed their reviews even if i didn't agree in some reviews. He will be missed but always remembered not only as a film critic but as a wonderful being.
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Pointing out the reviews you disagreed with (even if it was the majority) isn't the point... the point is that Roger Ebert did more for film than any non-filmmaker of his lifetime. He was among the very first (and at times the first) to champion the careers of Scorsese, Spike Lee, Billy Bob Thornton, Nicolas Cage, and many others. Not to mention more recent guys like Ramin Bahrani and David Gordon Green. He was passionate about everything he did and campaigned for the films and filmmakers he loved relentlessly. Simply a great American writer who happened to write about film.
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Didn't they (Siskel & Ebert) also have a real impact and were partly responsible for the success for the doc Hoop Dreams?
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May God Rest his soul.

His passion will be greatly missed. I really liked this cartoon when I saw it...

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^Yeah, that's a perfect tribute. Tugged at my heart strings too.

I was pretty dismissive of Ebert as an old softie for years but over time I've come around to the view that that's what made him special and stand apart from other film critics.

There's a sense of exclusivity to many film buffs as we accumulate more and more knowledge and see more and more films. I think the more films seen, the pickier we get, to the point where films that don't fit into the slice of cinema we've decided is the great type get dismissed out of hand and the way we discuss film becomes more measured, calculated, and less about the experience.

I think we're all prey to this on occasion, but the thing I came to understand is that Ebert had it right all along - to just enjoy movies of all sorts and stripes, to keep your mind open to both the commercial and the obscure, narrative to the experimental, to just welcome films of all kinds with open (if discerning) arms.

He was not just a critic or a movie buff but a movie fan that truly loved cinema and everything that encompassed, good and bad. All the way to the end, he never lost that sense of wonder and it always came through in his writing when he saw a great film.


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It's not just the fact that he was a film critic. He was one of the first people to embrace the internet as a way to encourage discussion about movies, and understood the potential it had when it came to helping educate and expose people to aspects of filmmaking they would have never known about otherwise. It's hard for me to think of anyone else who used their status/power in a way as effectively as him. He was directly involved in his blog, his website/reviews, on twitter, and through e-mail just to name a few. Over the years he's done amazing writing about health, illness, politics, and plenty of other topics. He championed plenty of excellent films and directors over the years (the first time I heard about Ramin Bahrani was from him, and I can't begin to think of the other directors I probably found out about through his writing). He spent the last part of his life doing all of this while seeking out and promoting the new generation of film critics to make sure things wouldn't suffer after he was gone.

So to anyone that thinks of Ebert as just a movie critic (or a bad one at that), I offer a sincere and polite fuck you. You probably wouldn't be reading or posting on this forum if Ebert wasn't around. His death is a huge loss to the world of film. I just hope that all his work and effort don't end up being in vain.
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He was hugely influential to me. I respected him tremendously. His death is a huge loss. He wasn't just the best film critic who ever lived, he was one of the best critics and writers of any art form.

I wrote an editorial about him on my blog. A tribute, if you will. I'd love it if you guys read it. It comes from the heart: http://www.magjournal.net/in-memoria...ert-1942-2013/

He will be missed.

Tapatalking from my bed. Ya mutha says hi.
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I've never thought much of the guy, honestly. But I love that he was so passionate about movies. I also respect the influence he's had on many people and on the film medium in general. I am sure he was a nice enough guy. RIP Roger
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This was the last movie review Roger Ebert filed....

‘To the Wonder’
“There were once several directors who yearned to
make no less than a masterpiece but now there are only a few.
Malick has stayed true to that hope ever since his first feature in 1973.”


I still am sad that this is his last....

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Only 27 posts????? RIP I enjoyed his early work, but not much of the last 20 years. Thank you for all you have done for the movie industry and I will see you at the movies
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RIP to a class act. He will very obviously be missed.
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Rogerebert.com gets a makeover

Looks cool. A fitting tribute to a man who love movies..


The New SEARCH FEATURE is cool. Its easy to look up was his VERY FIRST movie review was (Hint: it was not 'Galia')..

Le Petit Soldat (1960) -4 stars
Review was written: January 1, 1960

The website still has some major bugs:

exsample: it says Ebert gave Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's film 'The Rundown' a THUMBS DOWN.... This is an ERROR

I remember reading the actual review back in 2003.
Roger Ebert gave the film: " 3.5 stars" saying "The jungle locations give the film a texture and beauty that underlines the out-sized characters."

The review is not even on His website anymore...

I hope the error are fixed so I can start reading the review again..
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Thumbs Up: The New RogerEbert.com Is Live

Ebert Digital taps Table XI to Launch the Definitive Online Collection of Legendary Movie Critic Roger Ebert's Body of Work

CHICAGO, April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As a fitting farewell to legendary movie critic Roger Ebert , and an appropriate kickoff to his annual EbertFest, Ebert Digital announced the launch of an all-new RogerEbert.com. Developed in partnership with Chicago-based web development company Table XI, the site is now home to Roger Ebert 's complete collection of movie reviews, vignettes and other never-before-seen content spanning the legendary movie critic's 40+ year career. It's also the culmination of an extended collaboration between Roger and Chaz Ebert , Josh Golden , and Table XI, who worked to bring this unprecedented, dynamic content library to life.

As part of the launch, Table XI Founder and CEO Josh Golden was named Co-founder and Managing Director of Ebert Digital and will oversee ongoing business strategy, operations and product development for RogerEbert.com, The Ebert Club, and Ebert's mobile apps.

At RogerEbert.com, fans can access 46 years of archived film reviews, commentary and interviews, all in one place. This new site allows users to search film reviews by title, star-rating, genre and various other criteria. For example, it's now simple for a user to find every 1980s comedy that Ebert rated 3 stars.

Beyond the archive of Ebert's work, the new site will feature regular contributions from other top-tier critics around the world, carefully curated and edited to maintain the consistent high quality and clarity of voice that his fans have loved for generations.

Ebert had been anxiously awaiting the launch of the site. Days before he passed away on April 4, 2013, he called the site a "masterpiece of design." Now, 46 years after his start at the Chicago Sun-Times, Ebert's beautiful writing will live on in the redesigned RogerEbert.com.

"The site focuses on three things: Criticism, commentary and community," Golden said. "Everything is aggregated in one place. It's both library and playground for serious film buffs, but it's easy to navigate for people who are just looking for a good movie."

Table XI worked closely with several trusted partners to make the content engaging and searchable: FuzzyMath contributed to the interface design, Love Has No Logic designed the front-end functionality, LaCoste Design and Pitch Design Union contributed to branding, and DigitalThirdCoast served as technical SEO advisors.

To check out the new site, visit www.rogerebert.com, and for more details about Table XI's unique approach to digital strategy and development, visit www.tablexi.com.

About Table XI
Now in its 11th year, Table XI is a Chicago-based digital consultancy and software development firm focused on delivering business value to their customers. For more information, visit www.tablexi.com.




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