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Your Top 10: 2013 Edition

I did this thread a very long time ago, and as the years have gone on, tastes have changed (somewhat)... I figured now was a good time to update and see where the other schmoes tastes lie!

Basically this is your Hollywood Hot List! It says Top 10, but really, go as deep or as light as you want!

When I did the first thread, Ryan Gosling wasn't as big a star, and I'm sure now many females would have him in their top 5!

SO without ado, here is my list: (I will have mine in order)


Not only is she insanely gorgeous, but every interview she has she just comes across as the perfect person! She is by far my dream girl, I just need to find a way to meet her and then allow my natural charms woo her!


That picture alone... just my god! There is absolutely nothing wrong with her, less the fact that she is not with me!


2 Party of Five alums in a row! Again, look at her, absolutely gorgeous! I wish her career was a bit more in the lime light, but she is just 1 role away from being back all over the place! She was the original voice of Meg on family Guy, still don't know the exact reasons she left.


Look at that face! As close to perfect as you can get! Her character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall was the perfect female (which is why I love Jennifer Lawrence, because her real life personality reminds me of Kunis from Marshall)


She is another one who is absolutely gorgeous, and then I saw her on Craig Ferguson and her personality just shone through and brought her to the tops of my list! I find her far more attractive than her sister (Rooney) and she seems to be getting a lot more work and attention, so that is good!


I've been told I have a type, and Jordana Brewster fits perfectly into that type, as a gorgeous Brazilian tanned just perfection! Another female I'd love to have a bigger career, but she has been amazing in the Fast and the Furious movies!


Saw her in the incredibly under rated Sex Drive and could not take my eyes off of her! Just absolutely gorgeous and I look forward to more films from her.


Say what you will about Fox, she is no slouch in the looks department. And in all honesty, she is a chick who speaks her mind and it sometimes gets her in trouble, I can relate! Sometimes that level of non artificial is refreshing! Brian Austin Green is one lucky son of a bitch!


There are some ladies that you can tell will always be hot, even when they turn 90, they will still be hot, Kate Walsh and my next person are those type of hotties! I never watched Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice, but have seen her on numerous late night shows and she is a frequent contributor to the UCB Theater in Los Angeles, usually as a guest monologist for the ASSSScat show, and has a sense of humor that is unmatched!


Again, she will simply never not be hot! She has only gotten hotter and hotter and of course, did you see her in Horrible Bosses?!?! Justin Theroux is a talented dude and another candidate for luckiest man on earth!

Well those are my Top 10, I could go on and on with another 10, but I'll leave it at 10 (for now)

Ladies (or dudes), who are your top 10 men?
Dudes (or ladies), who are your top 10 women?

(You can only post 10 pictures pure post)

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Can't believe I forgot about Anna Kendrick! Just a beautiful face and a seemingly good personality (I saw an Early preview of End of Watch and she was in the theater and seemed like a nice person, not that I talked to her, but just the interactions she had around me with other people). Plus her roles in one of my all time favorite movies 50/50 and Pitch Perfect just added to her hotness!
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I just checked back and Gosling was top of my list back in the thread from 2007, now I ain't claiming to be a trendsetter...

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great list SkyNet, I see that you have thing for brunettes. Aint nothin wrong with that my friend.

So far my current list would be:

1. Mila Kunis
2. Selena Gomez
3. Jennifer Love Hewitt
4. Rosario Dawson
5. Salma Hayek
6. Zoe Saldana
7. Salma Hayek
8. Lucy Liu
9. Marisa Tomei
10. Asia Argento

honorable mentions : Jamie Chung, Danielle Fishel

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Top 10 Hotties

1: Ali Cobrin

2: Kate Upton

3: Alice Eve

4: Amber Heard

5: Leanna Decker

6: Jennifer Lawrence

7: Scarlett Johannsson

8: Vanessa Hudgens

9: Kathleen Robertson

10: Marion Cotillard
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12) Keri Russell

Again, just something about her! She has the perfect girl next door face, Never watched Felicity, but i'm sure id fall in love with her even more if I had!
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Some very talented men you picked there BCV, nice that you have Aaron Paul as one of your picks. That dude rules. This chick i know is flat out obsessed with him.

Erza Miller looks like he's 16.
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Originally Posted by echo_bravo View Post

Erza Miller looks like he's 16.
Truthfully, I wouldn't want to sex the guy - yes, he looks 16 and I have a vagina - but he's incredibly beautiful. During "The Perks of being a Wallflower" I just kept thinking, DAMN that boy is an otherworldly kind of attractive...and I've seen pictures of him since and his vibe is so out there that I can't help being drawn to him.
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some quality lists there

Echo... did you have Danielle Fishel on your list and then you edited and took her off?!

You're like Ross on Friends who had that french actress on his list (forgot who it was) and then he took her off in favor of someone else, and then the same day that french actress comes into Central Perk to get some coffee!

That's gonna happen to you, you will just be wlaking and there Danielle Fishel will be and you now have no proof she was ever on your list, and you will have missed your opportunity!!

Your list was solid BCV, you have some handsome dudes on there!

Ezra Miller was a dude who I saw in We Need to Talk About Kevin and since I hated that movie, I really did not like him at all. So when I sat down to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower (only because of my:


I didn't see a single Harry Potter flick til last year when my buddies forced me to have a Harry Potter marathon over a week or 2. But I always loved Watson, again, watching late night shows, shows off their personalities and it's hard to not fall in love with Watson! (Plus an Accent is always sexy)

but watching Perks, I really thought Ezra Miller knocked it out of the park, that dude was phenomenal in that movie.

ANd yes, you were a trend setter BCV with the Gos!

Donald Glover is awesome, I studied at the UCB theater in LA, where he was part of a SUnday night show called Shitty Jobs along with the other guys from Derrick COmedy (DC PIerson and Dominick Dierkes) as well as a few other dudes (Sean Clement, Ben Schwartz, Eric Appell, Charlie Sanders) and it was a never miss show, absolutely hilarious every week.

Old King: I actually worked with Amber Heard on Never Back Down, and as hot as she is in the movies, even hotter in person! And not a diva or bitch on set, was friendly and humble. And I could tell she was way into me, the way she never paid any attention to me... it was so obvious!

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lol yeah Skynet, I edited my list. Danielle Fishel will always have a special place in my heart since I grew up watching her on Boy Meets World but after thinking it over she just didnt make the cut in the top ten. I re edited my list and gave her an honorable mention though.
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ha right on dude... well as you can see, I don't even adhere to my own rules of the thread, as I have listed 13 already!

Basically this thread will evolve into "Oh ya, and she is hot too"!
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Because this is how I roll, I'm going to pick 5 dudes and 5 ladies. All people are beautiful, man. These are not ranked.

Michael Fassbender
Ewan McGregor
Paul Rudd
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Andrew Garfield

Anna Kendrick
Emma Watson
Mila Kunis
Amy Adams
Jennifer Lawrence
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Can't fault you on either list! I can admit when dudes are handsome, and you got some handsome dudes there!

And with the exception of Amy Adams, our lists are the same! And Amy Adams is a smoking hot hotty hot, so good choice!

But I did want to add one that I seriously cant believe I forgot, she should be in my top 10, but I just had a brain fart:


Probably the most perfect eyes of any female alive! I am extremely jealous of Jason Sudeikis because he is engaged to her! Another one who comes off as a legit person and just, my god, perfect!
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Yeah, Olivia is absolutely stunning. There are indeed far too many beautiful people to name. So just keep them coming!

I'd add James McAvoy after seeing Trance. Handsome dude.
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wanted to get some feedback on:

Michelle Rodriguez

I find her to be insanely hot, but when I say that some people go "Really?!" but i mean, look at her, she is a smokin hot hotty! What do you all think?
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I'll add some more here (which will all be asian actresses)

Jamie Chung. I first noticed her on MTV's the Real World and thought "DAMN that has to be the hottest asian chick I've ever seen!"

Zhang Ziyi
Flat out adorable and sexy at the same time. I'm a big fan of all her work and wish she would be in more films.

Brenda Song
This chick has pretty good comedic timing and is cute too. I liked her as the psycho gf in The Social Network and that scene where she went down on Andrew Garfield in the bathroom was awesome.
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Your Top 10: 2013 Edition

I'm going based on who appeared in movies this year (that I saw):

01 Bar Paly (Pain & Gain)

02 Emma Stone (Gangster Squad, Movie 43)

03 Mary Elizabeth Winstead (A Good Day to Die Hard)

05 Amy Adams (Man of Steel)

06 Gina Carano (Fast & Furious 6)

07 Rooney Mara (Side Effects)

08 Zoe Saldana (Star Trek Into Darkness)

09 Catherine Zeta-Jones (Side Effects)

09 Olga Kurylenko (To the Wonder, Erased)

10 Isla Fisher (Now You See Me)

Tapatalking from my bed. Ya mutha says hi.

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Here's my list.

1) Emma Stone

2) Scarlett johansson

3)Jennifer Lawrence

4) Salma Hayek

5) Hayden Panettiere

6) Amy Adams

7) Holly Willoughby

8) Megan Fox

9) Kelly Brook

10) Michelle Keegan

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Originally Posted by Spike014 View Post
2) Scarlett johansson

Here I am thinking that the whole washed out bleached blonde short haired dyke look phased out along with the singer Pink and her career with it. Looks like shit.

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I have to say that Jennifer Love Hewitt being with child sends her tumbling off this list, maybe forever.
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Originally Posted by Murph View Post
I have to say that Jennifer Love Hewitt being with child sends her tumbling off this list, maybe forever.
ya man, i know what you mean! But since I never had a shot with her before, and that hasnt changed now, I still have her on my list cuz she is still so undeniably hot!

also, to the person who had this: having a 16 year old on your list of hottest chicks alive is a bit weird! (unless you are also 16!)
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Mila kunis
Jennifer love Hewitt
Megan fox
Jennifer aniston
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