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Sort of an oddball question perhaps, but what do you feel is a fair/realistic price for DVD and Blu Ray?

We all know they are cheap to produce yet capitalism exists, etc. Just interested on what you think. Seems like we're getting gouged on new releases, yet the 5 dollar bin is cool.

mainstream movies prices?

B-movie prices?

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Not an oddball question at all.

I think blu ray dvds are definitely overpriced which is why I dont own a blu ray player and probably never will. I'm fine with just regular dvds and dont feel like rebuying all of my favorite films on blu ray. Just seems like a waste of money. I mean, I 'm not a cheap skate by any means but fuck that shit ya know?

I like to go to these record stores called Zia Records (here in Arizona) and they have excellent deals. Really its the only place I buy dvds from. I recently got both seasons of Carnivale for a total of 25 dollars. Really good deal.
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Yeah damn capitalism keeping us from watching a million dollar budgeted movies for free! How dare they have the nerve and the risk to invest millions in a film and charge people money that they're already willing to pay for in the first place! lol sorry couldn't help myself.

Well I would say prices are really fair now especially considering piracy and how little the cost of renting or purchasing hasn't increased much with the rate of inflation. I remember renting Blockbuster VHS movies back in the day for like $5 a day and late fees and fines... forget about it. Now you can rent 3 or 4 movies without even leaving the comfort of your own home for a few bucks each for a month and no late fees. Same with purchases, a new VHS movie in the early 90's is just about the same cost as a Blu-Ray today. And you get all these features and bell and whistles with it. Although I never care for that stuff.

So in summary I could say that $10 or $15 per movie is a fair price but I think things are fine as is. Although I really hope theater prices don't keep going up.
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good feedback.

I agree. As far as extras/special features, I like them and I have heard a lot of others say so as well. Then again, there are those who don't and that's fine also.

I'd say a reasonable price is (for new releases) 9.99 DVD and 14.99 Blu-Ray. No need for greed.

I see these 19.99 + prices and think...damn, enough already. People are struggling. Ten bucks isn't a bad investment for something you can watch over and over throughout the years at your leisure.

A person spends 5/20 bucks on a regular basis for cigs and beer, and that's every week. That's 25 a week, 100 a month, 1200 a year.

You buy a DVD or Blu-Ray one time for 10/15 bucks and you're done. The shelf life is pretty much forever if cared for properly. (and if you don't loan it to your buddy who "promises to bring it back" lol)
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