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"Deadly Crossing" - Steven Seagal

Anyone check this out? I just got the DVD...pretty awesome. Reminds me of his older stuff like "Under Siege" and "Above the Law". Basically just a tough cop and his task force kicking the butts of drug dealers. That type of fare.

Totally worth a viewing if you're into the 80's-style action flicks. I hear there's a part 2 out there...can't find any DVD of it.
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Never heard of that one. Do you know what year it came out? Could it have an alternative title?
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I don't think I've heard of it either. I miss his good stuff. Looks like Force of Execution is the latest.

Urban Justice was actually pretty good. Had some good action/fights.

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Has all that a Seagal starring film usually has

The beat cop or soldier
A harsh word in the title like "Deadly" or "Kill"
and a bunch of no good for nobody drug ringers with guns
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