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Compliance-Can you believe it really happened?

there are scenes in this movie that makes you think that the filmmakers went to far in their creative liberties. but after watching it I went on youtube and saw that this actually happened. most of the things in the movie really did happen in real life. there is surveillance video of everything. the movie also claims that it has happened 70 other times. in the movie this guy calls a fast food place and pretends to be a cop. he says an employee stole money from a customer. they take the employee to the back and things get crazy from there. I would watch the movie first then watch the footage of the real life incident.

are there other movies that take directly from a real life incident. most movies change a thing or two, but has there been many other movies where real life footage resembles the scenes in the movie.

in the movie it says that the police station was a half mile away, but in reality the police station was only a 1/4 of a mile away according to the report done by the news tv show
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Yes, it's true. It's a real story.
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