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A few "The Departed" questions

I watched the movie this afternoon.

After Queenan (the older police captain who manages the undercover guys) gets killed, Sullivan (Matt Damon) is sitting in his office with Queenan's personal effects. He pulls them out of a Bankers' Box labeled "Queenan Homicide."

He has Queenan's cell phone, keys, and a little memo pad. He uses the phone to call Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio).

It appears the memo pad is just a little personal diary where Queenan wrote notes for himself. It has a reminder to pick up drycleaning, a note about undercover plates, and that Cos (Frank Costello; Jack Nicholson) is an FBI informant.

He also has a black and white photograph of two people meeting together; one in a car, the other standing outside the driver side window. This is at time 1 hour 57 minutes of the movie.

I don't recognize either of the guys in the photo. Does anyone know who they are supposed to be? Perhaps the car is the one with the undercover plates mentioned in the diary?

I also don't understand what the photo is doing with the rest of Queenan's personal items. Was he carrying it with him for some reason?
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