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Drunk college student left at hospital with Post-it note

This is fucking disgraceful and it happened not to far from where I live. I seriously hate most frat guys. This poor kid could of died. Glad he's okay but JFC how much of a selfish ahole do you have to be to do something so thoughtless like this. Some "friends" or "brothers" those guys are.
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Disgraceful is right. Sad and heartbreaking the kid left all alone like that. I wonder if the guys who dropped him were drunk themselves, to a lesser degree? I guess it's better than doing nothing and not taking him at all, but still, it breaks your heart they would leave him like a piece of unwanted luggage.

Of course this stuff happens in colleges the world over, but ASU is such a party school. I lived in Manzi my freshman year, both of my brothers graduated from there I'm not knocking it. But unless things have changed in 30 years there was no controlling what went on in the dorms and frat houses. Just saying, I wish there was a way to control the drinking where they can. I realize this happened in a private residence.
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Ah, the future generation of the world.

I've said this before, but I truly believe that Mike Judge's Idiocracy is perhaps one of the most prophetic films ever made.
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