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"I wanna Channing All Over Your Tatum"

really stupid song but surprisingly catchy. My favorite part is Kimmel's rap about his volcano.


And man, Tatum has really blown up. I thought he would of fizzled out after Step Up and then the awful GI Joe but he is now getting to work with legit directors. And his comedic timing is pretty damn good (as seen in 21 Jump Street)

He's also a go to actor if you want a box office success it seems like. In 2012, he had 3 films make over 100 million each domestically (The Vow, 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike). And it would of been four if the GI Joe sequel didn't get pushed back.

While I'm not really a fan, I respect him and his success. And from what I hear, he seems like a good guy.
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Old 06-19-2013, 03:50 PM
I think Tatum should thank Jonah Hill in every was possible for his resurgence... because when Hill called him for 21 Jump Street, he didnt want to do it because he didnt do comedy, and then it turns out that Comedy is what he is best at, and now movies are writing his characters with more of a comedic flair to them and he is nailing those types of parts
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21 Jump Street definitely turned around my opinion of the guy, I can hardly stand him, but he was funny as hell in that flick.
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