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Kanye West's $120 tshirts sell out quickly

I can see why. These are probably the coolest t-shirts I've ever seen


Speaking of Kanye, I can't stand him as a person but I do think he's a really good music artist and smart business man. I'm currently listening to Yeezus on youtube and I gotta say its not nearly as bad as I heard it was gonna be. "Blood on the Leaves" and of course "Black Skinhead" are my favorite two tracks.
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His trousers sold out quickly too:

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I like Kanye, but Air Jordans were probably a better investment.
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Kayne West's fanbase consists of a lot of fucktard hipsters who do insane things in the name of irony. He may craft some good beats, but seriously, fuck him. I'm glad I can just download his albums for free.
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omg, what a sh*t? lol
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