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Gary Cooper, as you've never seen him before


How mesmerizing is this early photo of Gary Cooper from the 1930 movie “The Texan?” The lanky Montana born actor was done up to play the Hispanic leading character called Enrique who was described as “a terror to men and a torment to women.” We’re not accustomed to seeing Gary in eye makeup and tight pants, looking like a “Gay Caballero.” Stylists weren’t as sophisticated in those days…. Photo via Stephen Saban at The WOW Report


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I never heard that Gary Cooper was bi? I see comments posted there that suggests it.
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I've never read or heard any definitive gossip that Cooper was bi. I think some of the comments come from different backgrounds -- some of which are wishful thinking, others from the use of the casting couch of early Hollywood for both young women and men, especially those fresh from rural areas looking for their big break.
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