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Justin Timberlake: Why He Should Stop Acting

Variety recently wrote this article after Runner Runner bombed.


I do agree with most of it to an extent. I think he should primarily focus on music instead of trying to be a leading man in film. He is fine in a smaller doses (as shown in The Social Network and even Southland Tales) but he can't seem to carry a film on his own.

What do you folks think?
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I was actually surprised he said Will Smith was an inspiration, not because he started out as a musician like Timberlake, but because Timberlake has actually tried to do some interesting work, unlike Smith, who really is only interested in being a movie star.

I do think Timberlake has talent and can have a worthy film career, but his focus should be working with great directors like David Fincher and The Coen Brothers instead of doing big studio movies. He certainly doesn't need the money, so he can afford to do smaller scale films.
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Haven't seen After Earth but I did like Men in Black III a lot. So, I'm still a big fan of Will's. I am Legend could have been better and Hancock has a crappy second half. But by and large, Will Smith remains largely reliable and he's one of our most charismatic movie stars.

Timberlake doesn't half of Smith's charisma. That said, I still like that guy. I will say though, The Social Network is probably the best thing he's done and my favorite performances from him are his work in Alpha Dog and Black Snake Moan. So maybe there is something to be said about maybe him should be sticking to ensemble efforts.

His very first movie was a cool little crime thriller called Edison in which he stars opposite a stellar cast that includes Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, LL Cool J, Dylan McDermott, Piper Perabo among others. Another example of him being a part of a big ensemble.

And I also think Trouble with the Curve is a good, underrated movie and he's very good in it. Again, another supporting part. So whoever said that he needs to stick to being a part of an ensemble, I think you may have a good point.
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He should just quit altogether and go away. His music is terrible.
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Will Smith's performance in ALI is worth more than Timberlake's whole life, much less his "career"
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who gives a shit

the writer of this article is the same asshole who said that openly gay actors need to stop playing straight roles

in short he's an idiot
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Not a fan of the Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is nothing special as an actor...he tires soo damn hard to prove he can act. Right now, he stinks hard...like it was sad before his acting can be taken in small doses and its not that bad...but anytime Timberlake stars in a movie, expect it to tank...he really needs to stop showing off his big ego...Timberlake really is not anything special..not saying he is a shitty entertainer. just he is hyped up too much.
Maybe in a few years he will polish his "skills" and be a better actor.
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I'm not a fan, but this always cracks me up:

MIS-ter TIM-ber-lake...
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Originally Posted by Buck Turgidson View Post
Will Smith's performance in ALI is worth more than Timberlake's whole life, much less his "career"
But but but he brought sexy back!

I actually like some of his music. Strawberry Bubblegum is a good song and Dont Hold the Wall is too (off the 20/20 Experience).

He's an alright actor and I agree with the first two responses saying he should stick to smaller roles cause he doesn't really have the charisma to carry a film as a lead.
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hm, I'm totally agree
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