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R.I.P Hal Needham

Im sure this will be a 7 page long thread...!

But I just wanted to throw this out that the director of my all time favorite movie from my childhood (and one I still watch at LEAST twice a year) RAD, has passed away.

He also (more notably) directed Smokey and The Bandit and Cannonball Run, and at one point was the highest paid stunt man in Hollywood

But for me, the movie Rad is about as beloved as a movie can get... the songs by John Farnham are perfect 80's anthems and the scene with Lori Laughlin (Aunt Becky from Full House) and Bill Allen doing the BMX dance at the school dance to Real Life's Send Me An Angel remains one of my all time favorite scenes in any movie ever!

It is a shame this movie has been neglected on DVD (no official release has ever come to fruition, my copy was a gift from a friend years ago who got an amazing HD copy somewhere)

This man is one of the unsung heroes of the industry, and after living a full life (he was 82 years old) he has left us.

RIP Good Sir.
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I agree with you about RAD. It is good 80's cheese.
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awww man the director of one of the best 80s films RAD
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The guy definitely gave us plenty of enjoyable movies, and contributed to TV as well. RIP
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