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Tila Tequila releases new sex tape!

Hey, check this out fellas! This Asian hottie Tila Tequila has another sex tape now and it’s freakin’ awesome. She’s getting all kinds of fucking from a dude including anal, deepthroat and more and she both squirts and swallows a big load of cum. Damn, this bitch can make your balls ache just watching her handle that piece of wood. Yeah, and she can sing too... lol let’s have her on America’s Got Talent cuz she does have a few.

Anyways, check out the video. It’s called “Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting” and it’s so hot like real porn with a real celeb!
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I'm happy those celebrity sex tapes finally feature anal
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echo comes through with the link. Actually have anal and deepthroat? No click if not
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haha I didn't see any anal from streaming through the video maybe theres a longer version. There is some squirting though! Its not a bad sex tape by any means but the guy almost ruins it by talking so much. And Tila seems drugged out (no surprise there)
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