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RIP The Professor (Russell Johnson)

WWII war hero (Purple Heart, Air Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with three service stars, Philippine Liberation Ribbon with one service star, World War II Victory Medal), activist (worked with HIV/AIDS organizations after the death of his son) and actor. From all accounts, a genuine nice guy who never shied away from the role which made him the most famous.

"It amazes me. I have received mail throughout the years from young viewers from all over the world, year after year, who were so influenced by the Professor's smarts that they became science buffs and are now real professors, doctors and scientists. It makes me proud."
Russell Johnson, Professor on 'Gilligan's Island,' Dies at 89

1:05 PM PST 1/16/2014 by Kimberly Nordyke

The actor remained "proud" of his role and its influence on pop culture in later years.

Russell Johnson, best known as Professor Roy Hinkley on Gilligan's Island, died Thursday of kidney failure. He was 89.


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I bid you farewell, Professor from Gilligan's Island. I loved and still love this show.
As silly and repetitive as it was, it still reminds me of better days when I grew up seeing it. Rest in peace, friend.
You are gone but shall never be forgotten. The same shall be said of all of the rest of the cast/crew.

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