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The Shield actor arrested for murder

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When I read about this earlier, I believe reports said the actor killed his wife in front of their two children, both about 10 years of age. So now two children will not only grow up without parents - one dead, the other in prison - but will probably be mentally and emotionally scarred as well.
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Doesn't that ^ kind of goes without having to be said? Like isn't that the most negative thing you could possibly say? Why not post pictures of the dead mothers corpse and a candid of the kids crying so we can truly get the full effect.

father killing wife + life sentence = orphans with emotional problems

Look on the bright side, they won't be poor orphans.

I'm partially kidding because of the way I pointed out your comment but then went on to say much blunter/depressing/rudder things than you did, but I think that was to prove a point... Threads like this don't need a captain obvious to come point out what any slightly intelligent person can figure out on their own and probably did as soon as they finished reading the title.
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Just get a divorce. No relationship is worth jail. Smarten up.
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Julian?! Whaaaat?
And some guy from sons of anarchy killed someone too.
What's going on with these guys on fx shows? Soon someone from Justified will kill someone in real life?
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