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As I sit here writing my next topic in my upcoming column I wanted to let the Joblo movie fans know what else is going on in the world of film. (Maybe I should build my own sight. IF I only can find the time)As I was saying lets begin by what news a source from Entertainment Weekly leaked out on to the table. I'm not sure if this is valid. But here's what he has told us.

REGENCY ENTERPRISE in association with 20th Century fox has been trying to slap the concept of a JOYRIDE 2. I was hoping this wouldn't happen but with the DVD selling like hot cakes of course. Director John Dahl unfortunately has stated he will not return due to the fact he doesn't want to ruin what was already a great film. But FOX wil no doubt move along trying to bring back the team of Clay Tarver & J.J. Abrams to pen down the script.

IN other upcoming sequels, BLADE II hasn't even hit the screen, and Miramax is already scouting for writers. If Blade II flops, wont this scouting be a waste of time?

IN stranger news Amityville is returning from the archives. WHAT!!! Yes from what I'm hearing it's not legit, but my source states Clive Barker and Wes Craven have both been in brief conversations over the idea of making a collaboration project. If there not planning on making AMityville remake, then one might wonder what are they collaborating about.

A source from Variety beleives that an upcoming sequel to Jeepers Creepers are in the works. Has Hollywood finally run out of ideas. Well if they do decide to pen down this sequel I hope its alot better then the first. The second half of the original was lame.

IN dissapointing news. Pin head will not be returning. I had heard several weeks ago about another installment to hellraiser is in the works. Those facts have been denied, and for now those were just rumors.

WELL that's al I have for you for now.
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You got some solid scoops there, L. Don't forget the TWO upcoming sequels to Dracula 2000 or Cube 2!
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When is Cube 2: Hypercube coming out?
Oh! and what happened to Charlie's Angels 2: Halo? is that ever going to happen?
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