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Razor Blade Smile

has anyone seen this film yet? a housemate showed it to me the other day, and it is one cool vampire flick. admitedly, the acting is a little, shall we say,interesting, but there is quite a cool story in the back of it. i would really recommend this to any1. and i think its british made too, which is different.
go get it!!
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This should really be in the Past Horror Movie Forum.

*******Entering Rambling Mode might post Spoiler********

As far as the movie, I thought it was a very sub-par vampire movie, only a notch or two above that piece of shit Modern Vampires, hell Full Moon's vampire movies are beter than this one.

The only saving point for me was Eileen Daly is friggin HOT + lesbo scene.

The action sucked, the acting lame, the story had promise. If you want to see a bad ass vampire with a sword, watch Blade 1 & 2.
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