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VIDEO CAPSULE: American Graffiti (5/10)

Before I start out it this grade might be from the mood I was in. I was sick and felt like crap, it may have affected how look at the movie but then again, maybe not.
I only remember two lines from the movie
"That's so boss!"
"That car is bitchin'"
I couldn't fin much humor in it at all. While not super boring, I thought it wasn't a super movie.
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From my experience, your mood DEFINITELY could affect how you feel about a movie! Although in this case, I have to say that AMERICAN GRAFFITI never did much for me either. I guess it's another one of those movies for which you just "had to be there".

Great soundtrack though and plenty of cool early roles for Hollywood folk.
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I agree about the mood guys but this is a definate 8/10 for me. It's good to see Richard Dreyfus not taking himself so seriously for a change.
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Yea mood defiantely effects how much, or in this case how little you can like a movie. The first time I watched The Exorcist, I was in a very shitty mood, and also very tired, and so of course I really didn't care for it. But I gave it another try and loved it (and not to mention one of the only movies ever to ''scare me''). I personally loved American Graffiti, and me thinks you should give it another try , but when you are in a better mood of course!
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Man I love American Graffiti, I'm not American nor was I around in '62. I'd give it a 9/10 every time no matter what mood I'm in.*****I dig what you're saying about moods though, sometimes I've felt not even in the mood for TAXI DRIVER. Which I consider my favorite film. On the other hand there are films no where near my favorite that I can stcik on and watch anytime.
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American Grafitti is a fantastic movie - 8/10 for sure. It's a simple, yet perfect in its well-roundedness... Each and every character rides their arc perfectly, from beginning to end. I look at a American Grafitti as the model of what movies should be. The soundtrack, the cars - it's all good.

So far as mood goes - I agree with what you're all saying, but only to a point... I mean, a good movie changes my mood. If I'm in a shit-ball mood, I won't watch a movie (for the first time that is) for the simple fact that I know it'll only tarnish my viewing. Get what I mean?!
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