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VIDEO CAPSULE: Fight Club (10/10)

This rather complicated movie is one of my all-time favourites, but if you have only seen it once you won't understand a damn thing. I had to see it at least three times before I really, really enjoyed it.
Fight Club uses Nietchze in a modern way, showing how people should be living their lives. This use is what truly puts it over the top, not to mention the cool Haiku poems.
Another note on Fight Club is the camera angles. These truly emphisize the scenes in the movie. The other is the music, done by the Dust Brothers, which was made to put an exclaimation mark with whatever the characters do.
All together, Fight Club is terrific. A must see, but not too many times. If you enjoy Fight Club, read the book! Twice as good and ten times more descriptive.
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Wichtproject, I agree with the majority of what you said and I would love to read the book. The only problem I have with the film which I've seen 4 times now is that I think the middle could have been tightened up some. Of course I have'nt read the book so I can't say for sure. Edward Norton has said that he thinks that even though the film flopped he thinks it will stand the test of time to become a classic. I agree, it is in my top 15 movies of all time.
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Fight Club is one of my favorite movies. I can tell which movies are my favorites is when I can watch the movie over, and over, and over again without getting bored
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The main reason I'm replying to my own post is simply because I made a minor mistake. The reason you shouldn't watch it over and over again is because you sort of get addicted to it.
Fight Club is my religion. :-)
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This is a complicatted movie. But the reason that it is so good is that it almost forces you to watch it over and over again. Thta is why it is so frieken good. 9.5/10.
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