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VIDEO CAPSULE: Me Myself I (7.5/10)

Not my first choice to rent the other night, but a good decision nonetheless - a good decision as made by the missus.

ME MYSELF I is reminiscent of Gwenyth Paltrow's SLIDING DOORS, but seemingly more so similar to the forthcoming Nicolas Cage movie FAMILY MAN.

An Australian film starring Rachel Griffiths as Pamela Drury; a head-strong, career-oriented, very successful and very single journalist. Pamela happens to be going through a stage in her life wondering what life would've been like had she wed an ex-boyfriend whom wanted to marry her some 13 years prior. Well, as luck would have it, the powers of the devine just happened to be looking down upon her in this time of need and wonderment...

In a freak accident of sorts she ends up meeting herself and swapping places for a few days. This second self did say "yes" to the proposal now living the suburban life with three kids, marital problems, career problems - or rather lack thereof.

The character we focus entirely on is the displaced career woman struggling to cope with life as a housewife and mother. ME MYSELF I is extremely funny and light hearted, but very touching. Rachel Griffiths is a fine actress and a treat to watch.

I recommend this rental to all.

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