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VIDEO CAPSULE: Black Rain (7.5/10)

Black Rain (1989)

An above-average gritty cop thriller starring Michael Douglas in a role different than the "rich guy getting screwed over" role that he's been stuck in ever since.

This movie delivers a good story, a unique setting in Japan and its underworld, a fun co-star in Andy Garcia, and just enough action to satisfy all popcorn lovers.

Slap that on to an undertone dealing with the cultural differences between the two peoples, some fine directing from the eye of Ridley Scott and one of the most memorable depatitation scenes of all time, and the picture definitely deserves a look on video.

Sure the "American knows best" thing gets a little tired, but all in all, the film delivers a solid, dark thrilling ride.

Stars Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia and Kate Capshaw
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I rented it last week on DVD
Good picture and sound quality.
No extras whatsoever though [img]/ubb/frown.gif[/img]
Also - when the baddies are speaking Japanese there are no English translation subs unless you goto the menu and switch it to English subs - which then plays subs all the way through the film!
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