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i line i just thought of...

i am a little drunk and i have thought of a line for a comedy film, if any of u guys want to include it in your flicks i will be flattered. Anyway the setting is two guys are trying to hack into a computer (hehehe i origionally typed cumputer then!) and one of them has watched a guy type in the password:

GUY1: ok, whats the password?
GUY2: i saw him type in ******
GUY1: u fucking idiot!
GUY2: what?

hehehehehehe, i was going to put it in one of my scripts but i thought i wanted to veer away from comedy. maybe we can use this post to help each other with lines in films...

Death cannot stop a martyr
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drink some coffee!!

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Hey....that's purty funny!!!

Then again, I'm just coming down off a whicked buzz myself...uhhmmm, actually...okay, okay, I just read it again and yeah...drink some coffee!! [img]/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

Good idea on sharing some lines though. The one I came up with while flying around was "Let's paint his town...PARTEEEE!!!".

You know...let's paint the town red...let's paint the town PARTYYYYY? Uuuuh, yeah, just forget I said that...slurp, slurp...
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Joblo?? My opinion on the blatter-matter:
Start off a new section on your chathouse: The Buzz-Board !!

How about that, I think it would be great!

(To enter the board we should have some kind of buzz-level-test [img]/ubb/smile.gif[/img] )
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