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The Long Kiss Goodnight (7/10)

I've seen an had this movie for a long time. I just went through all my movies and just watched some good parts cause i was bored. Anycrap, i forgot how badass this movie was. Geena Davis was pretty good in this. That part where she held on to the wire and capped at the helicopter was awesome. Maybe ill get the dvd.
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The Long Kiss Goodnight was written by Shane Black who also created Lethal Weopon, Predator & the Last Boyscout, to name a few.
At the time Black was paid the record breaking sum of 3 million dollars up front for an idea he had scribbled on a piece of paper.
The record fee for a script is now held by M.Night Shyhamalan for Unbreakable. Just a bit of pointless trivia.
I totally dug the film & Im not a Geena Davis fan. Just thought every line out of Samuel L Jacksons mouth is gem.

"I would have been here sooner but I was thinking up that Ham on Rye line"

Such a shame the last 15 minutes of the film falls into the absurd & retarded. The whole hard edge that had been established in the first half of the film is forgotten, oh well thats Hollywood....
Im sure the original draft for this film would have been supercool.
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I watched this flick a few weeks back, and I gotta admit, I usually get bored with Geena Davis, but this film was a lot of fun if you can suspend disbelief and go into it with an open mind, I mean, it is pretty unbelievable…I love the dialogue…it's almost like they wrote it to make the main characters a bunch of smart-asses…and I never tire of smart-asses on the big screen…I agree about the ending Deckard…

Dominick…I saw the DVD at Best Buy the other day for $12.99…I suppose that's not unreasonable for a flawed Hollywood action flick…

Here's some favorites bits & pieces…

Nathan: Alice, please? Your dog, Alice -- it and my appetite are mutually exclusive.
Alice: Well, what's wrong with the dog?
Nathan: Simple: he's been licking his asshole for the last three straight hours. I submit to you that there is nothing there worth more than an hour's attention and I should think that whatever he is attempting to dislodge, is either gone for good... or there to stay.

Charline "Charly" Elizabeth Baltimore: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Mitch Henessey: I hope not, 'cause I'm thinking how much my balls hurt.
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any thing with Sam jackson is great,or at least good.My fav line by him is when Gena asks for a load of weapons and money and Sam says,"hold on a minute,let me pull that out of my ass"
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