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Video Capsule: Sleepy Hollow 9.5/10

First off Iíve never ever heard of the headless horseman or the town of sleepy hollow ever before, so this was the first time I ever heard this story. And what did I think off it, excellent!!! The headless horseman rocks, Tim Burton Rocks, Johnny Depp + Christina Ricci Rock, The Sets Rock, The Story Rocks and most importantly the movie ROCKíS. This movie was so much fun and it has a lot of horror, action, mystery, drama, laughs and a bit of romance all rolled into one.

Johnny Depp is great in this movie heís very, very funny and stealís the show as ichabod crane. Christina Ricciís is well very, very, very hot!!! But seriously she was also fine and gave a good performance. The headless horseman played by Christopher Walken is a very scary looking man and definitely not some one I would like to tick-off. Even though he didnít have any lines he was very scary looking and also gives a good performance in the scenes that he is in. Miranda Richardson is also good.

The stalk scenes are very effective in this movie thanks to the very scary score, the headless horseman, the lightning and the sets. I would say that the best death scene has to be the one were the family dies. I loved the way the whole scene was set out like the shapes of the witches and other creepy images on the walls, the way the horseman enters was also really cool (The ground shaking and the images of the faces in the fire) The one think that did surprise me about this movie was the way they killed the little kid, at first it looked like the horseman was about to leave but then he came back for the kid, normally that would never have happened because he was only a little kid but this ainít just any old movie, This is Sleepy Hollow!! No one is spared!! Another scene that I thought was really cool was the church scene and the way the horseman kills the man by dragging him threw the window and the fence and then everything from then onwards was just perfect (especially the windmill scene).

I cant really think of any bad points for this movie other than the fact that the plot does become a bit hard to follow at times and some scenes do drag but other than that this movie is perfect and itís also nice to look at as well, the sets are amazing and this is definitely one of the most beautiful horror movies ever made and has the greatest cast, chase scenes and most of all it has one of my favorite directors ever directing it.

One thing that does annoy me is that after reading a lot of reviews for this movie a lot of them say that Christina Ricci wasnít good in the role of Katrina Van Tassel and that she cant act, am I the only one that thinks that sheís an excellent actress and was really good in this movie? And another thing about this movie is that Iíve heard a lot of people saying that the ending was crap (The bit with Miranda Richardson) what exactly was wrong with it? I thought it was very good.

I would definitely say that this is one of my favorite movies ever and mostly everything about it is perfect.
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Wow, my longest post EVER!!
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I completely agree with your review, screamfan. I'd dock it half a point from your rating (9/10) because the over-complicated plot does, as you mentioned, grind things to a halt when characters have to explain their history and motivations. Other than that, a nearly perfect movie as ever I've seen. Horror and humor where balanced, the latter never intruding on the former. Chris Walken was fab as the Headless Horseman's head, and I agree that Christina Ricci pulled her weight just fine.

And those visuals! God! I wanted to frame this movie and hang it in my living room!

A wonderful flick from beginning to end.
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YES YES YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This movie is so damn awesome! 9/10 without doubt!
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First off, I love Tim Burton and think he is a genius. I also think that "Sleepy Hollow" is a great film in the Hammer Film-type-genre. I am glad that they made this film and I love all the actors involved. The visuals are stunning and Burton has outdone himself. With that said, I don't know what it is, but everytime I watch this film I get an empty feeling afterwards and bored out of my mind...not to mention sleepy. This is not my opinion, since in my opinion "Sleepy Hollow" is a masterpiece, but this is how I feel physically after watching it. Wierd...good review though and interesting thoughts from all...keep it up... [img]/ubb/wink.gif[/img]
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The Night Watchman, the complicated plot didnít bother me too much but I agree with everything else.

Brock I know what you mean I get that feeling to with some movies (not this one though) but sometimes.
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I have a topic about Tim Burton in the general movie talk section, also one about Sleppy Hollow in the horror section. Your so right, Tim Burton is simply a genius, an artist of film, his films are masterpieces, visual masterpieces. Surely Edward Scissorhands must be one of the greatest fantasy films ever made.

Sleppy Hollow, in my view, is the best horror ever, so beautiful, oh, and Christopher Walken was excellent too.

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