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One day in september

One day in september!!!!!!!wow!!!
Now that movie deserved best documentary
at last years oscars!
I saw it again last night and was amazed!!!, the camera work , the soundtrack, the editing.
Plus some great narration by Michael Douglas
makes it one of the best documentarys i have ever seen!!!!! anyone agree???????? [img]/ubb/smile.gif[/img]
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yes, it was amazing - tense and detailed.
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One Day In September 9/10

Definetly one of the greatest documentaries ever assembled. Saw it on the bigscreen when it first came out and was blown away.

With the a narrative structure and pacing to rival the finest thrillers ever made this has one hell of an impact.

Telling the tale of the illfated 1971 Munich games. Using only authentic footage and still photographs from the event itself and unfolding in a montage that left me speechless and bewildered. (I dont think I blinked once during the entire second half). This is a must have for ever collector of celluloid.

The melding of image and sound is astonishoing with a soundtrack that compliments everything that unfolds onscreen for an over all effect seldom met.

Sure its got an agenda and is manipulative but its the cold hard facts delivered in a way that is both memeorable and captivating.

I personally belive this film is the wave of the future and the next step in the storytelling arc of mainstream entertainment.

Dont get me wrong , it is far more than mere entertainment but the experience was so original for me. I cannot recall ever being so tense and invested in a film, completly engaged on the reality that was unfolding before my eyes. Unable to shrug of the impact of the film with a "its just a movie shrug" this left an impression for me that represents everything great cinema is about. (To think its eductaional as well)

Must see for everyone.........

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