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(VIDEO) "Barbarella" (7/10)

"Barbarella" A Brock Landers Overview of A Roger Vadim Film (7/10)

I have to admit that this film became tiresome at certain moments…but then who should pop up to save my day, but Barbarella, an ultra-cool, fashion-challenged, nipples-poppin' uber-babe…just thinkin' 'bout her right now makes me bite into my palm Squiggy-style…I guess the question I have been askin' myself lately is…what would I give up to have her in a private room for about an hour? I don't know…hmmm…how 'bout everything?

President: "Your mission Barbarella… find Durand-Durand." Sounds easy enough, ya know, just check out the "has-been eighties-teen-idol-pop big-hair rockers" aisle at your local music megastore. Actually,to make a long story short, "Barberella" is the story of a sex machine (Jane Fonda) in the 41st century who is sent to prevent the plans devised by the evil black queen (not Dennis Rodman). After braving various orgiastic sexual trysts, including (sp?) Obi Wan Kenobi-"GO"-style sex with a stone-blind cherub who can no longer soar, Barbarella overpowers the queen and the universe is once again satisfied…sexually I would assume… who woulda thought there would be so much fur on planets in the future? …and how can they be so merciless as to set razor-toothed dolls upon poor and sweet Barbarella? The travesty…man oh man…

Barbarella: "Make love? But no one's done that for hundreds of centuries!"…good thing Jane Fonda is on the case. In 1968, I don't think anyone had a sexier body than Jane Fonda…utter perfection, as is noticeable in this film…not a mark on her. She showed she can be dirty in "KLUTE", and with Barbarella she shows her humorously kinky side in spades…

The director also did another great film, "And God Created Woman" starring legendary sex kitten Bridget Bardot, which was remade decades later with Rebecca DeMornay… this guy just knows hot chicks…

Some films are cinematically great and others mediocre in that department, but some draw their own merit from simpler things like an obscenely seductive and arousing star… enough reason to buy "Barbarella" in my book…she's right up there with Racquel Welch & Farrah Fawcett…Overall, if you are looking for a meaningful story or great cinema, look elsewhere…but if you want casual sex, a semi-clad legendary hottie and 60's French cheese than look no further…"Barberella" is for you…or take me for example…I was rather inebriated during my viewing and I thoroughly enjoyed this campy sci-fi flick… it was a lot of fun to watch and moved Jane Fonda that much higher on my all-time cinema babes list… I just can't help but wonder how Ted Turner is hittin' that… maybe it has something to do with owning the rights to "Citizen Kane"…

(DVD Note: The film print transfer is about as good as can be expected with a film like this…widescreen is so very necessary for a film like this, and I was pleasantly surprised with the end result…and there are some amazing moments where Fonda and the sets look completely untarnished…Sound: Mono 1.0…hmmm…I guess they didn't care to much about restoring this flick, but it does the job…there's a trailer and decent booklet, but not much else…still I am glad I finally bought this cult classic…Now then, will anyone explain to me why, when I was purchasing this DVD, that next to it I saw a DVD of "Galaxina: Mistress of the Universe" starring a Penthouse Pet from the seventies…with the exact same cover, except a different chick and better special features? You would think the original film would get better treatment than a fringe rip-off with no-name talents…just a thought…
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I found this film on TV a couple months ago on the soccer mom porn channel known as Oxygen YEAH!, that's what women want! I couldn't help but laugh at the inneuendo and mythological sex jokes all through the film.

Jane Fonda should get some plastic surgery and implants and go back to doing what she does best. (Hint: it has nothing to do with politics.)
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it's fun to watch how fake a lot of scenes are in this movie.Like the guy with wings and all that other stuff.The music was great.It's a great cultmovie.6.6/10
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