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"Bad Lieutenant" (9/10)

A brief Brock Landers Overview of An Abel Ferrara Film (9/10)

Drugs, nudity, violence, nudity, language, nudity. Yep, this film is chock full o' adult themes and controversial scenes alright... and did I mention it has nudity? I mean, the first thought that pops in my mind when I hear "Bad Lieutenant" is... well... I mean, it's probably not a thought persay... more like an image... and, well... it ain't exactly a pretty image... and, like... it's, um... well, let's just say that people who haven't even seen the film probably know what I'm talkin' about...

Anyhow... the film itself offers one of the most intensely provocative solo performances of my lifetime. Keitel is riveting to watch and had my eyes glued to the screen as his depravity grew and his recklessness thrived, all the way up to the inexplicably sad ending. "Bad Lieutenant" is art at it's raw and unfettered best. It's a film that's not afraid to challenge audiences, and probably doesn't care if people like it or not. It's a nihilistic statement bent on self-destruction and although we may not like who Keitel portrays, or the behavior he exhibits, you can't say that his performance wasn't as risky and ballsy, figuratively speaking, as you can get in a film that isn't rated X, which it almost was by the way...

It's the same old scenario... good cop/bad cop, except there isn't any good cop and the bad cop isn't really a bad cop, more like a bad guy posing as a cop. He probably started out in the police force differently, but now his heart renders no goodness any longer. It's every dude for himself, and Keitel plays the king of fucking others over. The great thing about the film to me, is that I ended up feeling sorry for this unlikable character. I actually pitied him and wanted things to turn out well for him. As he falls further into the corruption he has created around himself... gambling, abuse of power, and drug addiction... I see only a man struggling to maintain, unable to cope, dependant on evil to keep himself afloat in the cesspool around him. Films like this are so real they make you hurt inside, and that's part of the reason I liked it, for it's daring subject matter and brutal honesty. This film, like the real world, is full of people who are evil, and sometimes in order to overcome our fears we must face them, if only on a movie screen...
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nicly said Brock 8/10 about 4 goes to harvey and the other 4 goes to Abel Ferrara. I really want the guy to get threw it all and the scene were he's goes in the church it was were depressing to see a guy go threw "man" Harvey had me.first time I watch it I didn't really like it I think I was to young but after I got a little older I bought the NC-17 version WHAT A MOVIE

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Great review Brock.My brother told me about this movie several years ago and i watched it.He thought it was funny that the guy never ever actually did any cop work.He was always into some kind of shit.The traffic stop of the two girls was killer.
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BAD LIEUTENANT(9/10) is one of Abel Ferrera's greatest films. I got into his movies with "Angel Of Vengance" and "King Of New York" and to me Bad Lieutenant solidified the man.

A director with an original slant on just about everything, being able to take the viewer on a crazy trip yet somehow remain grounded in reality, it is a gift.

Keitel is an actor truly stretching himself in the lead role. The support cast too is faultless.

The films plot and style are provocative and at times border on repulsive (The scene "Brock" reffered to for one). This all comes together to create one of the most misunderstood films of the last 20 years.

Another great review "Brock". Do you find that Peter Medak's "Romeo Is Bleeding" owes alot to this great film? (I love both). Also I see a lot of Lynchisms (Blue Velvet) in Ferrera's work, what do you think?

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Thanks for all the comments fellas... loyts of interesting thoughts... briefly (I'm going out in a minute):

Deckard... "Romeo is Bleeding".. well I never thought about it before. Let me sleep on it and I'll comment more. Basically I liked both films... a lot. Ever seen Abel Ferrara's 70's horror-fest "Driller Killer"? I picked it up on DVD a while back, and it is awesome. It is basically one of the four movies of the 70's that established horror films as real and dramatic. The other three are "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Last House on the Left" and "Halloween"...

I remember thinking that too, playgames. Keitel don't do shit but get high, drunk, laid, and lewd... that is when he's not betting with money he doesn't have...

Marlowe... the church stuff with the nun really got to me too... I think Keitel was trrying to redeem his evil behavior by aiding a nun who had been raped. Some sort of twisted redemption fantasy that probably turned the cop on too...

more comments to come.. gotta jet..
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