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Consiterd to be the first big budget adult film since 1980's Caligula, witch in my opinion in not an adult film at all, this film was a flop. I can see why. It had some strong points but it just didn't have that one thing that Pauls movies have. I don't know what it was, something was missing. I enjoyed the dancing but all in all it's pretty bad.
On a scale on 1 to 10 Showgirls gets a 2.
Recomended only to hardcore Verhoeven fans.
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A buddy of mine and I rented this movie last Fall because we had never seen it. And you know what? It sucked... I love seeing naked chicks but if it doesn't come with a decent plot I just don't give a shit. The movie wasn't really boring or anything but it just wasn't very good. It wasn't "fun" trash like it should have been, it was just plain old trash. Elizabeth Berkley must have been really desperate for a paycheck, not that she's some big star or anything, but even she could do better. The nudity did nothing for me, it was just there. I love nudity in good movies, but nudity in bad movies is a waste of good T & A and that's what this movie was. What a waste! DUMB PLOT, DUMB MOVIE, THUMBS DOWN!!!

Grade: 3/10
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