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Clerks (8/10)

Could you believe before last night I had never seen a Kevin Smith movie? Well my friend I saw his debut Clerks last night, and we laughed throughout the whole thing. We liked it so much we saw it again in the morning.

It's a hilarious movie that glorifies the life of working in a New Jersey convenience store. The two main charaters, Dante and Randall, work in a 7-11 like store and a video store, respectively. Both hate their job and cuss and talk about sex all day. And Randall pisses off his customers all the time. The whole movie happens over the course of one day, and shows what happens to these two guys and their misadventures of working in these stores. It also marks the first appearance of two regualr characters in Smith's films, Jay and Silent Bob, who are two cool mofos who stand outside the store all day.

Now I am hooked onto Smith's films and want to see the rest of them!
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clerks IMO is Kevin Smiths best fucking film! I laughed throughout the whole fucking movie!

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Ah, Clerks. The movie amongst movies. Sure, the production values are lousy, and the acting is shaky, but you can't ingore the material. This is some funny, funny shit people, in my opinion one of the funniest movies every made.

"You know who ended up in that dark bedroom with Brad?"
"Your mom?"
"Alan Harris."
"Chess Club Alan Harris?!"
"The two moved to Iowa together. They raise sheep."

American Pie and Road Trip fans take note, Clerks is the undisputed king of twisted humor. 9/10.
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I still haven't gotten around to seeing this, but I will eventually. The only Smith film I have seen all the way through is, Chasing Amy, and I thought that was a rather original romantic comedy. I saw the beginning of Dogma, but I didn't feel like watching it. And if I was going to watch it, I might as well watch it all the way through.
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Clerks is just plain awesome (8/10). I've added so many new words to my vocabulary as a result of it (snowballing, jizz mopper etc...) But I still don't rank it as Smith's best. I still can't help, but love Mallrats. Everyone thinks it is his worst film, but I love it. I can never get enough of Brodie. I'd also rate Chasing Amy above Clerks. Dogam is about on par with it and I haven't seen Jay and Silent Bob yet.

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Clerks is my favorite Kevin Smith film out of all the Smith movies. It's so funny,that you'll laugh your ass off. It's great,theres diffeent events in the film that take place. Even the conversations between the characters are so damn brilliant! Great film 9/10
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Isn't CLERKS just the best movie to quote or what?
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