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An Arrow review of The People Under the Stairs

The People Under the Stairs(1991)

Director:Wes Craven (Shocker)
***/**** Stars:Brandon Adams/Fool
Everett McGill/Man
Wendy Robie/Woman

What's It About?

A 13-year old boy(Adams)teams up with a plumber and another guy(Ving Rhames)to get money from landlords(Robie,McGill)of a ghetto so the boy won't get evicted and help his mother. Turns out the landlords are psychos who steal children and live in a house with trap doors and secret passageways.. If something's bad about the child,they put it under the stairs with other reject children. Now the kid has to get the money and save the girl they took.

The Lowdown

This movie was a fun watch. Now,if you've noticed in other Wes Craven movies,you'll notice he does booby traps. Well Craven does his booby trap part to a tee in this movie. Also,this movie was pretty intense. At one part I was at the edge of my seat.

But there was one major flaw:the ending. I just didn't like it. It was supposed to be a happy ending,but it just didn't cut it for me. Also,the part where the viewers get to see all the money they made. I mean they're rich and all according to the movie,but not THAT rich. Come on!

But overall,this was a movie packed with violence,adventure,cool secret passageways and traps,intense scenes,a bit of romance,some child abuse(which must've hurt) which makes an all around good time. Let's go under the stairs...


Brandon Adams(Fool)was pretty good at acting and didn't get on my nerves. Everett McGill(Man)and Wendy Robie(Woman) rock the place. They give wicked performances as the crazed couple. Ving Rhames shows up for a bit.


It's not really gory,but we do get a skinned torso and some stabbings.




Craven does some good directing building up the scenes with tension and some fast motion also.


The soundtrack is mediocre at best.

Bottom Line

A fun watch if you have nothing to do or can't find anything to rent. Recommended.

Bull's Eye

Four dogs played the part of Zeus
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You actallyed liked this piece of worthless shit, i could shit a better movie then this,
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I think it's so corny that it's actually good. I was very surprised to see Ving Rhames in this film. I think it's a cool movie. The idea of those freaks under the stairs are cool. the ending was funny,I really wasn't expecting that to happen,everybody in the street and such.
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I thought some scenes were pretty intense,the psycho couple rocked,and the house was really cool. I also found it an enjoyable movie which I would probably watch with my friends.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by The Claw:
You actallyed liked this piece of worthless shit, i could shit a better movie then this, </font>
I'd pay to see that!!

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The People Under the Stairs. is an odd kind of movie. The first time I saw it, I hated it. But I really couldn't forget it. It just sat at the back of my head and refused to budge. Then, when I saw it the second time, about eight months later, it ocurred to me that it really wasn't as bad as I had thought. By the third viewing, I loved it.

Basically, I just like the semi-real, semi-fantastic setting. Nothing about this movie is impossible, per se, but it still gives you that impression. I also like the slight "Alice in Wonderland" theme. Very cool.

First Viewing: 3/10
Second Viewing: 5/10
Third and Final: 7/10
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PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS is the best thing Wes Craven ever did, right next to NOES. 9/10
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