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I Still Know What You did Last Summer: (3/10)

"I Still Know what You Did Last Summer", Directed by Danny Cannon

"I still Know What you did Last Summer" is the sequel to the popular teen Horror film "I Know what you did Last Summer".

And lemme just say it SUCKED! It stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and the worst actor I've seen in a long time: Freddie Prinze,jr.


It's pretty much like the first except a lot worse: Killer with hook stalking a gorgeous girl(Jennifer Love Hewitt) and planning to kill her(just like a lot of movies,eh? ).Then,there's her stale Boyfriend Ray Bronson(played by Freddie Prinze Jr. who was exceptionnaly bad in this piece 'o shit"


Well, for starters, the acting sucked, the premise was laughable and there was no real fucking suspense and I laughed more than I screamed(oh wait, I didn't scream or was I afraid once)!


The film sucked, BOTTOM LINE.


This has been A Jimmy Da Gent review

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Damn right
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Are you gonna do "duh" now?

I still Know what you did Last Summer isn't a classic so I FEEL GOOD!

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I'd say more like a 6/10 myself, Ebert, but I like it being a guilty pleasure. Way too many people give this film shit because they have never seen it and listen to everybody else AKA jumping on the hosejob bandwagon OR they hate the whole modern teen horror market OR they didn't like it because the film wasn't all that great, which it wasn't... but for me, overall I liked the big picture. I liked the atmosphere, the actors, the island, the opening scene, the killer, most everything in fact, I just felt that it didn't all come together very well. Sometimes I just like to pop this in when I'm relaxing and shut off the sound, watch the subtitles and turn on some relaxing tunes. Sort of a music video approach to the film, and you know what? It kicks ass as a music video background. I don't know... I just don't see why people hate it SO much.

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I fell off the bandwagon for this movie and still hated it!!!
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Call me shallow schmoes but I can and never will hate a movie where Jennifer Love Hewitt runs around in a wet t-shirt.

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