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Not Another Teen Movie.

I just rented this DVD last night. I thought it was going to suck, seeing as how a lot of people thought it was unfunny and just as bad as Scary Movie 2.

Folks, let me tell you that this is a lot funnier than the shitfest known as Scary Movie 2. I was truly laughing my ass off during the first half of the movie. During the second half, things start to dwindle down a bit and the jokes become few and far between. Why, I don't know. But anyways, a highly funny and entertaining flick, that's definitely worth renting.

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Its not as funny as Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2 but its still good. Theres only a couple of really gross sexual scenes but these kinds of movies don't need to be gross. The Breakfast Club jokes are halarious and the cheerleading thing is so funny and not gross. The Token Black Guy is my favourite character "Damn That Is Wack, Bling Bling". 9/10

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i thought it was much funnier than the damned "scary movies" it was an awesome spoof
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funny, but far from completely hilarious. This is the type of movie u watch with a group of ur friends who laugh at the stupidest things.
The characters in this movie are great, entrences are hilarious (one of the only thing in the movie) only about 40% of the jokes work, but let me tell u, when its lame, it's terrible, when it's funny, it's hilarious. Again, the cast is perfect, i loved the Cruelest Girl in School, i thought she was definitely the funniest. this places behind Scary Movie, but possibly better than scary movie 2. 7/10
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This would be a movie to rent if you were tired of watching the Scary Movies. Some of the jokes are lame and some are really fucking funny. The thing that makes this movie worthwhile is the foreign exchange student that walks around naked. That one girl that stars in the movie(I forgot her name) is actually pretty damn hot. I still think Scary Movie 2 was better than this movie, but it was much better than Scary Movie.
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I like spoofs and thought this was pure an utter junk.

They take the time to satarize the hilarious opening scene from American Pie, yet forget to make it as funny. What's the point?

And who's idea was this to spoof a comedy? What the?

Randy Quaid's character is totally wasted, and I'm not sure what it was aiming at. He came off like Miss Man (I think that's correct) in Scary Movie. These are SPOOFS. What are they SPOOFING? If you want to make a dirty, derivative comedy, fine - just don't call it spoof.

Also, being disgusting isn't necessarily funny. You have to have COMEDIC TIMING (the hair gel scene in Something About Mary), something these films should learn about. Being this stupid actually makes the inoffensive material seem offensive.

Forget this and the Scary Movies. If you want a decent spoof, rent Kentucky Fried Movie (it's just as dirty), The Naked Gun (it's funnier) or Airplane (the original). Hell, I could make a LONG list of satires recommended over this.

I thought it was the pitts.
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Old 05-24-2002, 07:58 PM
This was hilarious! Especially that song!
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The best character was ed lauters football coach,"for the love of god,move god dammit!
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Old 05-25-2002, 04:02 PM
I thought the coach was the least funny, I didn't laugh at him once. I hear swearing all the time, so why do they think that if they put a character in a movie that swears a lot people will laugh? Nobody in the theater laughed at him when I went. It just wasn't funny. I also didn't think the token black guy was that funny, yes, it's true that there's usually a black comic relief in every movie but I didn't think they spoofed it very well. They could have done more with it. Maybe it's just because he was in every trailer and TV spot I saw for the movie, so when I actually saw it, he just wasn't funny anymore. Just like when Janey falls through the stairs, that wasn't that funny anymore after seeing it in all the previews. But overall I enjoyed NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE, it was just a fun flick with some good laughs. Too bad it lost steem towards the end of the movie! But it was still enjoyable.

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Old 06-13-2002, 11:12 AM
I thought this movie was MUCH better than Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2. Other than the scene with the toilet (Wasn't that supposed to be spoofing Detroit Rock City?), this movie doesn't go over the line into being just plane disgusting. The funniest person is definately the cocky blond guy, I think his last name is Olsen, but he does a hilarious Paul Walker impersonation. I really liked how they weaved all the different spoofs together to have a clear storyline.....the best ones where the Bring It On and Cant Hardly Wait parodies, while the Cruel Intentions one was funny but kind of disgusting. Overall this is a really funny movie, but the Cocky Blond Guy, Jake, and Janey are the only truly talented actors that bring something extra to their roles.
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Not Another Teen Movie just isn't that funny. I laughed a few times, but this spoof doesn't have enough energy or inspiration to save it from being as mediocre and forgettable as all these teen flicks it tries to satirize. I admit that Chyler Leigh is actually quite sympathetic in the lead, but most of the characters are just plain annoying, especially Jaime Pressly as the school bitch. It does have an occassional good gag--I liked the part with the toilet spewing shit all over that English teacher (just watch it), and that naked exchange student was sure hot!!!! But it's really not worth it. Look for cameos by Mr. T and Molly Ringwald.

One observation: why parody American Beauty? That's not even a "teen flick."
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Old 04-17-2003, 10:36 PM
I hated it. I gave it a 4/10 and that is being very kind.

Scary Movie- 8/10
Scary Movie 2- 7/10

SCARY MOVIE+Anna Faris= Awesome movies.
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This movie amused me, and that's all I wrote.
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Originally posted by Cyclonus
One observation: why parody American Beauty? That's not even a "teen flick."
No, it's not a teen movie, but it is a shitty movie that needs to be spoofed...
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u guys are crazy! this has to be one of the funniest movies ive ever seen!!!! and the stupidest at that too.
best parts:
- the song "Prom Tonight"
-that "GOD DAMN" football coach
-almost everything the "Cocky Blonde Guy" says

wow this movie wouldnt stop making me laugh. good times. anywhoo this is an awesome movie that is worth a watch if ur not an uptight loser who takes movies too seriously. lates

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Old 04-25-2003, 07:53 PM
Ive seen that movie at least 15 times, and I think that it is O./K. i saw it so many times because oit was on tv and i was bored 13 times and my friend was in it,
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This movie was pretty mediocre. Didn't hate it, didn't love it. It was mostly unfunny, especially those geeks I hated them those much. Loved the naked chick. "I am here to be object of lust for boys who cannot get AMEEERRICCAN pussy"

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Not Another Teen Movie- (6/10)
Info: (2001) R, Chyler Leigh, Chris Evans
Runtime: 1 hour 29 mins
Genre: Comedy/Spoof
Tagline: “The Teen Mother of All Movies”
Comments: I laughed hysterically at some parts and frowned at others. This film mocks, makes reference to, and spoofs almost every teen movie made from the early 80’s to the 21st century. The plot is most closely associated with the film “She’s All That”, where the popular jock must make a beauty out of the school nerd. I think I got most of the references (“The Breakfast Club, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Varsity Blues, etc, etc) but I know I must have missed some. There were constant references. Unlike most films of this sort, this one gets funnier as it progresses. I find usually that in spoofs, all the successfully funny jokes are laid on thick in the first 45 minutes, and the rest is garbage. I found the opposite with this film. It started off and I thought this movie was trying too hard to be funny, but then it actually did turn funny later on. One upside of “Teen Movie” is Randy Quaid, who plays the hot school nerd’s slobbish father. Quaid plays a slob like no other (see the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” films). It’s hilarious. Also, the film is quite raunchy, like all teen sex comedies are (with the “American Pie” and “Porky’s” references). But just one thing: don’t take this movie seriously. You’ll enjoy it more.
Dialogue- 5.5/10 (Nothing is serious here, but some stuff sure is funny. Especially when Malik (the token black guy) talks)
Violence/Gore- 1/10 (Slapstick stuff)
T&A- 7/10 (We get our fair share of tits and ass thanks to the foreign exchange student girl. Every girl in this movie is extremely sexy (even the Siamese twins)…eh, you’ll see)
Date viewed: 5/2/03
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